The Best Fit: Health and Wellness Department Holds First Fitness Competition

The Best Fit: Health and Wellness Department Holds First Fitness Competition

    March 4 marked the first-ever fitness competition, held by the Health and Wellness department. The competition started at 10 a.m. and finished at midday on a warm and sunny Sunday. The atmosphere was exciting: there was fruit and water provided and everyone wore fitness clothing and colorful running shoes. With nothing but smiles and laughter, each teams were ready. It comprised of seven teams at the start and finished with a total of five.  The competition consisted on of six events: the Speed Walk Tag, Bucket Ball, Medicine Ball Indian Relay Toss and Pass, Russian Twist Relay, the Popsicle Game and Animal Pentathlon.

In order for a team to do well, they had to be consistent throughout the whole morning. Going into the final event the scores were close and all stakes were high.  Teams were determined to claim first place. The race started out with a close distance between all teams. With Team Leslie trailing behind they quickly came back and took the lead and held it. When the race ended most of the teams knew what kind of position they would be in as far as points were concerned. Team Number Seven was awarded third place for the overall event. They were able to accumulate 23 points.

Jonika Scott (wellness, sophomore) said, “We had a positive attitude about everything which was a big help, even when we were down we still stayed positive.”

Although all teams displayed a confident spirit, Team Number Seven seemed to be the team with the most positive members.

With a close second Team Seagulls secured their place by just one point, having a total of 24 points. They also fought hard.

Emalee Balleber (wellness, sophomore) said, “I think the key to our success was determination. We remained determined throughout the whole program.”

Team Leslie was victorious, winning with a total 30 points.

Xavier Cameron (engineering, senior) said, “In the last event there were a few unfair things. Some of the groups did not do things chronologically (like we did), yet somehow we were still able to blow out some of the teams and win it all.”

They won three out of the six events. Since they were doing well from the start of the event, Team Leslie competed in a relaxed manner.

The winning team, received duffle bags with surprises inside of them. And the top three teams had the chance to stand on the podium for pictures of them and their prizes. Ultimately the University of Health and Wellness put on an amazing event that emphasizes the importance of fitness in life that not only “provided a fun and great team bonding experience,” as Arthur Lee (junior, biochemisty, pre-medicine) said. “It combined wellness, fun, partnership, and community in a large scale that is sometimes hard to do.”


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