Resources for Student Wellness

    After years of rumors and jokes about the creation of the AU Wellness Center, Andrews University is now scheduled to have the groundbreaking in the spring of 2018. Does this mean that we, as students, should neglect our wellness until spring? Absolutely not! Dr. Dominique Wakefield, the Director of Fitness and Exercise Studies, said that Andrews University (AU) is embarking on a journey to empower students and staff to become “fully alive.” Wakefield further explains saying, “this means living life to the fullest by making positive lifestyle changes and a commitment to positive transformation to improve health and wellbeing.” Don’t we all want to find ourselves in that category—“living life to the fullest?” Why not be more intentional this year? Instead of murmuring about how we don’t feel good, let’s take measures to change.

Well first, how do we even begin to measure wellness? Being a Wellness major I’ve learned that wellness is multidimensional, because it encompasses our spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and social well-being. Luckily, AU is taking up the challenge that you, as a busy college student or employee, can experience wholly living or complete wellness. Not only are we challenged but we are even given the resources to accomplish it!

For one avenue of finding out how to stay healthy and improve your wellness, check out this website: Under the tab Wellness Resources, there are connecting links to your possible new favorite hobby, such as swimming laps in Beaty Gym or visiting Campus Ministries for prayer. Don’t you want to find an activity that you love and will improve the way you feel and think? Wellness is not supposed to be tiresome or dull. In fact, the National Institute of Wellness (NWI) notes, “Wellness is positive and affirming.” Wellness is an intentional, “self-directed process of achieving your full potential (NWI).”  

Besides the website, did you know we have a Wellness Lounge? For those who are determined to avoid the Freshman Fifteen, or to be less stressed out this academic year, the space may have some available options for you. It is located beside the Student Life office. The new Wellness Lounge is the wellspring of incoming healthy and helpful strategies for AU to focus each day on becoming “A” stronger, healthier, new “U”. My favorite feature of the Wellness Lounge is its new, high-end quality massage chair. Speaking from experience, this 20-minute massage will leave you feeling as though you had a 60-minute hands-on body massage. The device  heats up your muscles, works out the kinks, and relaxes the mind as soothing music plays in the background and essential oils diffuses into the air. Students have a discount at the price of $3. Make an appointment at as soon as you can. Other features include the full-body scanner. This machine provides the proper understanding of your body composition to guide you toward the steps to reaching your fitness goals. So, check out the Wellness Lounge.

Make daily changes for a lifetime of abundant and wholly living. On this journey of creating a vibrant culture of Health and Wellness at AU, students are taking up the challenge. Abby Vaughn (sophomore, Nutrition and Dietetics) is a Wellness Lounge worker and she claims, “This new initiative is to be a movement, not just a program.” Moreover, in her efforts to promote daily changes, Dr.Wakefield begins the year with the Daily Wellness Theme. The Daily Wellness Theme gives a biblical reference with a practical application for every day in the week. She says that students and staff are encouraged to follow these tips as a reminder to focus on at least one aspect of the wellness, such as Workout Wednesday, and Fluid Friday.

However, don’t overwhelm yourself by making a thousand, impossible steps but rather one impactful health step. Instead, start with a small one? On Thoughtful Thursdays, encourage someone. Write a message of thanks to a family member. Say something nice to your professor. Compliment your co-worker. Pick one per week. See the difference you make.

Creating a healthier you is contagious. Grab a friend and embrace the epidemic of #AULiveWholly. Stay tuned for the next Wellness nugget. Let’s make AU the healthiest campus. Students and staff are all invited to join the movement.

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