A Glimpse into BSCF

A Glimpse into BSCF

Nia Darville
Senior, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Interviewed by: Torian Hill


Is there a new direction that Black Student Christian Forum (BSCF) will be taking this year?
I’m not sure if I would call it a new direction that we will be taking, but we do have two specific goals that explain our vision for the year. The first goal is to increase opportunities for interaction among the black community. As a transfer student I came in and felt a distinctive lack of connectedness and family, and I really want to offer more opportunities for that type of relationship to happen on campus. The second goal is to use BSCF’s place on such a large and diverse campus to show people of other cultures what black culture is. Some things would be the richness of it, the beauty of it, as well as some of our struggles too; however we really want people of other cultures to join us and learn what we are about.

In regards to BSCF, how do you see this year going?
I am very excited about this year; we have been doing a lot of club sign ups, a lot of people are interested in joining this year. I am very happy to have our new vice-president of diversity on campus wanting to be involved in the club. I think Andrews is in the right space for growing and learning as well as having a real conversation with each other, so I am really thrilled to be a part of this process.

Can we expect anything different this year?
I think in past BSCF has been know for Impact, our Friday night vespers, and I want us to do so much more. We will be having a monthly social event, which will help us foster those interactions among the black community, and others who want to come and join. We are also having a monthly forum that will help us to achieve our second goal. These forums will be about topics such as the way we bridge the divide between blacks and whites, the issues the black community is facing, and highlighting beautiful things about the black community. We are also having the Gentlemen’s Corner and the Powder Room, which are spaces for people to talk among each other, but they are guys-only and girls-only spaces. The intention is to have safe spaces for open communication.

Are there any other future plans for BSCF?
Yes, something new this year is the right of passage ceremony. This is a new initiative between BSCF and the Vice-President of Diversity office. We will be having a pre-commencement celebration during graduation weekend for individuals of African descent to come together and acknowledge the struggles that they or their community have overcome to get to the point of graduation, as well as to honor the people who have helped them get there. This is where they will receive their Kunta Kinte cloth.

Can you explain some of the side projects that you are doing on your own?
The main project I have going on is called Sticky Note Faith. This is a Bible study tool that helps motivate individuals to study the Bible. It centers around a faith wall. When you read the Bible you find a text that sticks out to you, then you write it down on a sticky note and put the sticky note on your faith wall. When you are feeling down or don’t feel like reading you look at the faith wall and get that encouragement that you need. You can actually go to to look at it. My blog posts go on that site as well.

Any other comments you would like to leave with the student body?
Our first forum is September 16th and we would like everyone to come out and support us. We are looking forward to a great year!

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