Young Gunz Shred Haystacks

Young Gunz Shred Haystacks

    The air was hot and heavy with humidity, gnats were buzzing, and the evening was already dark. The field lights shone upon the sweaty foreheads of the players and the dry dirt field.

“Run, run run, run, run! Safe! Yes, it’s safe!” yells a group of students standing outside the fence on the corner of the athletic field. On the other side of the fence, people are running from base to base while others are trying to catch the ball tossed in the air. One of the players is declared safe after arriving at a base before the ball is caught. In this game of softball, the rules are like baseball, just on a smaller field with a slightly bigger ball. On 7:00 p.m., Monday, Sept. 25, two teams contended for the victory.

Andrews University’s intramural season continues with softball as one of their well-supported sports. The competing teams are made up of students and community members, and for this game, it’s Young Gunz vs. Haystacks. Josh Hong (junior, sociology), team captain of the Young Gunz, stated, “Our team is made up of 24-25 players but not everyone shows up. The game is open to anyone who shows up and is willing to play.” Fellow teammates chime in: “If you show up and don’t have a team, Jamie will embrace you.”

Jamie Stacey, Andrews University’s Athletic Trainer, kept score and order of the game. With a smile on her face, she said, “It’s all about the students. They’re the ones having all the fun.”

From all the cheering and high-energy participation, softball intramurals

proves to be more than just a game. The positivity that fills the air reflects team

spirit and encouragement. When someone misses the ball or mistakenly drops the

bat, no one laughs. Instead, team members shout encouraging phrases such as “you

got this,” “breathe,” or “steady yourself!” At the end of the game, both teams gather

in the middle and exchange high-fives.

The Young Gunz won the game with the score being 12-2. Sabrina Gomez (junior, Spanish and pre-occupational therapy) member of the Haystacks team, didn’t fuss about the loss but instead looked on the bright side. “It’s fun to struggle together,” she said. Winning or losing, it is the team spirit that makes it fun.

The games continue until the championship play-offs on October 5th. For more information about intramurals and other sports activities on campus, visit the Andrews University Cardinals website at On the website, you can find schedules for all the games and sign up for a team. Hope to see you all out on the field!


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