The Doctor Is (Almost) In

The Doctor Is (Almost) In

Linnea Burke
Year: Senior
Major: biology, pre-medicine
Interviewed by Torian Hill & Adriana Santana



Recently you took the MCAT and did well. How was that experience?

I studied for seven weeks (June/July) for around 10 hours each day. The hardest part was focusing, especially during the summer. I would advise to not study in your room or any place where there are distractions, and make a schedule so that you don’t get behind (it’s soooo easy to get behind). Honestly, I was terrified walking into the test, and definitely couldn’t sleep the night before, but I took a breath and let God take over. I would advise others to get started with the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section (CARS) as soon as possible.  You can buy a CARS pack on the Association of American Medical Colleges website, or find a free version. It doesn’t take any prior knowledge and it’s probably one of the hardest sections because you have to read a lot of information really quickly, and understand it thoroughly.


What made you want to get into science?

I’ve been a fan of science ever since I could remember. Coming to Andrews I really wanted to pick a major that I would enjoy, and I found biology. Starting up, I didn’t know much about the major, and I didn’t know that it was notoriously one of the hardest majors offered here, but I quickly found out. Even when I wanted to quit I decided to push through.


What made you specifically choose the Pre-Med track?

I don’t come from a medical family but one day in middle school I stumbled across a medical YouTube channel and I was intrigued by the procedures that the doctors were performing. Then I shadowed a few doctors and found the various cases that they found interesting as well. I could see myself in their shoes and I’ve been chasing that vision ever since.


How do you see your career unfolding?

I want to be a dermatologist. That means about eight more years of school after Andrews, but school has lowkey been a major part of my life for so long, I don’t think I will mind. Right now I have applied to medical school, and hope to start next fall. While I don’t aspire to be Dr. Pimple Popper, the cases that she sees are so cool and, as a dermatologist, I hope to see most of the same cases that she does.


Have you done any research that has been published, if so how did that make you feel?

I have been doing research since the beginning of my sophomore year, and I’ve been able to present at a lot of cool conferences, like ASBMB in San Diego, CA. My research is coming to a close, and a publication that includes my work is being finished up! I think research is a great way to expand yourself as a professional, because research will teach you a lot about yourself.


As president of the Pre-Medical Society, is there any advice you would give to other Pre-Med majors?

Don’t give up. If this is what you really want to do then you should stick with it no matter what. I have gone through some tough times and have shed a lot of tears but I didn’t quit. Looking back, all the problems I went through weren’t as big as I thought at the time, and all the stress that I went through in Foundations of Biology and Organic Chemistry is laughable now. You’ll laugh at the stress you’re facing now too in the future. You have to believe in yourself and trust that everything will turn out fine and in your favor.


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