Semiannual Electronic Recycling Event

Semiannual Electronic Recycling Event

Anton E. Pellegrini
ITS Tech Support Specialist
Director of Biannual Electronic Recycling Event


Interviewed by Torian Hill



Friday, Sept. 25 marked the biannual electronic recycling event held here on campus. From 3:00 to 7:00 PM, the event took place by the department of transportation. Students are encouraged to bring electronic items such as microwaves, refrigerators, smartphones, monitors, TVs and other appliances for safer recycling. I had the chance to stop by and see what was going on and speak to the director of the event, Anton Pellegrini.



How often is this recycling event?

The electronic recycling event happens twice per school year, once in the spring and once in the fall. It has always been like this and has worked out well for us.


Is there anyone you partner with to help get this project going?

Yes, although Andrews University is mainly responsible for this, we partner with Green Earth Electronics Recycling in St. Joseph. They come here and collect things from the community so that the process is smooth.


What is the purpose of this event?

We have a strong belief in not wasting electronic devices as well as keeping the earth beautiful. So we are trying to accomplish this with one main purpose: keeping southwest Michigan a pleasant place--so unnecessary things don’t go in the landfill.


When did the project start?

We have been doing it for a while now. The first time this event took place was in 2012, and I was not the project manager. When the second year came I took the position of project manager and have been overseeing things ever since.


Is this open only to the Andrews community?

It is open to all of Berrien Springs. We actually get some people from Elkhart, Indiana. This is a well-known event that is highly advertised throughout the newspapers and radios.


So how was the turnout this time?

We have people coming and going, with a good flow. At about 4:00 PM  we had a lull and after 5:00 PM we had a flood of people so I am happy with the turnout.


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