New Wellness Center Under Construction

New Wellness Center Under Construction

    Andrews University is going through waves of major change. While it is not unusual for the school to constantly progress, new buildings are rare. But perhaps you have noticed some significant disturbance by the PMC roundabout? The Health & Wellness Center is currently in a preliminary phase of construction. Resources have been poured into the new center to commit to the health and wellness of the student body and the entire campus family. The new center is part of the health and wellness initiative which will also aid an integrated and holistic approach to life.

Significant funds have been raised and committed toward the center;16.2 million dollars of the 17.5 million dollar goal has been raised and promised.  

Affirming this news, Dominique Gummelt, the director of University Health & Wellness stated, “The new Health & Wellness Center at Andrews University will truly be a new, extraordinary, innovative modern-day sanitarium aimed to help every person within its reach to live life to the fullest.”  

The center will be built on the roundabout near PMC and W Campus Circle Drive. It will be visible when you enter the Andrews campus, like the Howard Performing Arts Center and Pioneer Memorial Church.

In the fall of 2016, the kickoff for the public phase of the campaign began and architects for the center were hired in the spring of 2017.  In the spring of 2018, Andrews will host a shovel ceremony.  From 2018-2019, construction will occur, and finally, in the summer of 2019, the building will officially open with a celebratory open house.

The vision of the Wellness Center is to “Live Wholly”, and the mission is to “Begin With the Body.”  Apart from these, there are four clear cut goals of the center.  The first is to provide an innovative and holistic health and wellness center to maximize wellness opportunities and accessibility year-around for the campus and local community. The second goal is to offer a variety of safe, professional and enjoyable physical activity and wellness opportunities, which are in line with current evidence-based practices, standards, trends, interests and needs. The third goal is to create a harmonious, peaceful, inviting environment that promotes health and healing, incorporating the eight principles of health valued by the Seventh-day Adventist church. The fourth and final goal is to offer educational opportunities, curricular and co-curricular, to learn the concepts of health and wellness through theoretical and practical pathways.  

Several members of the  Andrews University community believe the Wellness Center will be a huge success.

Said Gummelt, “I am humbled and privileged to lead the University Health & Wellness initiative at Andrews University with the aim to become the healthiest university and to promote the mission to become fully alive in body, mind and spirit for every single person! The new center will be a phenomenal tool to support these goals for the university.”


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