New AUSA Senators Elected

New AUSA Senators Elected

    Posted on a hallway in the Student Center are pictures and descriptions of potential Andrews University senators. Many Facebook posts, signs and tweets were made by candidates hoping to rack in some votes. A senate election party was held at different spots throughout campus to motivate people to vote. A total of 30 students fought the good fight to be elected into office, and 22 made it. There were some close races, including a three-way tie for Meier 3rd West hall.

Elected senators are now getting together with each other to discuss their plans for the year.

Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) Executive Vice President Gideon Moyo said, “My job is to be the chair of Senate. We are going to be champions this year. This is a year of victory. Many of our senators are thrilled to begin working on their projects this year to benefit the school. Those are the kind of characters that are in Senate.”

Dani Gonsalves (junior, architecture), a newly elected senator, is already working on future projects.

Gonsalves said, “We haven’t had our first meeting yet, but I am excited to collaborate with other senators. Some of the ideas they have had so far have benefited the campus. I want to know how other senators along with myself will impact the student body and Andrews community.”

A project that may be coming to Andrews University includes a gazebo line kiosk experience that involves an iPad or tablet that manually enters in orders. That would help people that only need to buy chips or a water bottle scan through line faster.

Winter Smith (parliamentarian, AUSA) said, “Senate has done many things on campus including the gazebo outlets and free laundry, but we are trying to add more. People can look forward to a bike sharing program and a recycling program in the near future.”

The best way to get ideas heard is to be in contact with a senator.

Moyo added saying, “The best part about Andrews senators is that they are elected by the district in which students live. The senators that you need to get into contact with are only a few steps away. The best ideas come at the least expected times, like when a person is getting ready for bed. At those moments, they should be able to have access to their senator.”

The job of a senator is to represent students, so coming to senators with suggestions helps them do their jobs. All students can play a role in making Andrews a better place, and finding their senator is the first step to getting started.


Elected Senators are as follows:


Community Senator(s): Justin Johnson, Ivette Ruban, Alyssa Henriquez, Konrad Prohaska, Raier Rada, Antone Huggins

University Towers Senator(s): Charis Glanville, Joiliana Lecointe, Fitz-Earl Mckenzie, Htee Mu

Lamson Basement Senator: Lisa Nyange

Lamson 1st Floor Senator: Dani Gonsalves

Lamson 2nd East Senator: Chelsea Kent

Lamson 2nd West Senator: Tracy-Jean Khonje

Lamson 3rd East Senator: Shalom Dosunmu

Lamson 3rd West Senator: Sharyl Cubero

Meier 1st East Senator: Gianni Zanatta

Meier 1st West Senator: Glenn (Karl) Arrogante

Meier 2nd East Senator: TJ Hunter

Meier 2nd West Senator: George Moyo

Meier 3rd East Senator: Daniel Self

Meier 3rd West Senator: Ryan Owiti

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