Andy the Carnival Interview

Andy the Carnival Interview

At this, the beginning of the Year of the Cardinal, we sat down with Andy the Cardinal to get to know him a little better. At 6’ 5”, he’s quite an imposing character who fills any doorframe he walks through, but inside, he’s got a heart of (blue and) gold.


So, Andy, you’ve never spoken up before—why are you talking with us now?
Well, it’s officially the year of the cardinal, so I feel it’s important for my voice to be heard, sincethis year is all about me.

What is the Year of the Cardinal?
It’s all about the Andrews community rekindling our school spirit. I want to get everyone excited about Andrews—even those who may not be here on our main campus. We want our faculty, staff and students to be proud of their school. This year is going to be especially epic.

What are some of the things you have planned for this year?
We’re going to do a pep rally at some point, and I’ve got a few other surprises up my… uh… feathers. We’re going to be doing some Cardinal Fly-Ins around campus, too, so people can meet and take selfies with me. Our hashtag this year is #YearOfTheCardinal, but I think it should be #AllAboutAndy.

Are you celebrating in specific ways yourself, as the cardinal?
Oh yeah. Andrews hooked me up with some stellar new feathers this year. I’m feeling good about my new look, and I think everyone else will too.

How are you handling all this sudden fame?
What are you talking about? I’ve always been famous. Okay, okay, seriously. It’s been a pretty easy transition, because I’ve always thought I was pretty cool, and it’s awesome that so many other people are recognizing that now too. I think all those years I spent giving myself pep talks while sitting on a shelf in the storage closet in Student Life have finally paid off.

I heard you did a professional photo shoot recently. How did that go?
It was one of the best experiences of my life. The camera loves me. Darren, the photographer, told me I was a natural. I expect to receive a call from National Geographic any day now requesting a cover shot.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I really like being around people, especially hanging out with the students. I also enjoy expressing myself in movement to music—not dancing, of course, just artistically rhythmic movement. In my down time you can usually catch me hanging out in Johnson Gym, because ball is life.

Okay, let’s get personal for a second: Do you have a girlfriend?
No, but the year is young and I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in the Rec Center yet. Just give it time… I’m pretty confident!

What’s your favorite thing about being the school mascot?
The opportunity to represent the spirit of Andrews University has been amazing for me. There’s a lot of energy here on this campus, and a lot of brilliant minds all coming together to change the world, starting in their own backyard, which is so inspiring.

What is your favorite thing about Andrews?As you know, Michigan is home to a wide variety of cardinals. I run into cousins every day. Or rather, they run into me. I’m kinda big. January and February play with my emotions a little, but the summer months are great. And I love meeting people from all over the world. Every time I walk across campus I make new friends and run into old ones. I love how close and yet global the campus feels.

What advice do you have for students at Andrews?
Enjoy this experience of being the cool college kids, because before you know it, there will be a new bird in town, with brighter feathers, a nicer school shirt and a better cooling system.

Do you often get confused with the Arizona State cardinal?
No… I’m too Midwest for that.

How did you end up here at Andrews?
Well, I did have an offer from the big leagues to work for the L.A. Lakers but I turned it down to work here at Andrews near a REAL lake. It’s a Michigan thing. I got some good advice from my Southern Californian friend, Mickey, that here in Michigan the air is cleaner, the beach is cleaner, and the people are nicer. He plans to retire here, but they pay him too well for him to leave yet.


Any final thoughts?
A quick shout-out to my man Dave Faehner. He’s my top ten reasons to stay at Andrews. I’d also like to give a huge shout-out to the students here for keeping it 100. This year is going to be lit.



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