Andrews University Ranked #1 in Nation for Ethnic Diversity

Andrews University Ranked #1 in Nation for Ethnic Diversity

    Andrews University is home to many races, nationalities, and cultures. The University’s Diversity Council has been held accountable for maintaining diversity within both the student body and faculty. In fact, the new recently appointed Inclusion and Diversity Vice President, Michael Nixon, will ensure that students are respected regardless of their background, culture, or beliefs. With this, diversity is always a hot topic among students, faculty, and staff.

In the beginning of September, U.S. News Best Colleges ranked Andrews University as No.1 in the campus ethnic diversity category, tying with both Rutgers University and University of Nevada. The U.S. News website states “this index measures the probability that any two people chosen at random from a given school are of different races or ethnic groups.”

The news of the current ranking took Andrews University by surprise. In addition to the faculty, students buzzed with excitement about the new diversity ranking. Many students took to social media to praise Andrews University for its efforts.

Cinthia Costa (junior, nursing) said, “I am very proud to attend an institution with such rich diversity. When I am asked about Andrews University, the first thing I mention is that we rank number one for diversity among the nation. We have the unique opportunity to be exposed to a variety of cultures and a chance to create lifelong friendships along the way.”

With the onset of a new semester, the ranking brought students hope of a campus that offers diversity as a key asset. This ranking also incorporates the intermingling of different racial and ethnic groups. The U.S News Best Colleges website also states; “the overall mix of groups” is included within the formula to produce the diversity index.

Andrews University is looking for new ways to maintain an ethnically diverse community. With the help of others, the university hopes to strengthen its commitment to making sure that the student body, faculty, and staff remain as diverse as possible.

After hearing the news, Gena Gordon (junior, theology) said, “learning about Andrews’ ranking made me smile because I couldn’t help but think, ‘Hey, this is what heaven will be like.’ I am proud to be a part of this campus.”

Students like Jacqueline Dohna (Masters of Divinity, first year) affirmed the news. Dohna said, “I was incredibly proud that Andrews University is now sharing the no. 1 spot for campus ethnic diversity. My hope is that with this diversity comes more opportunities to learn and grow. We are in the perfect environment to expand our understanding of other cultures, but often times I feel our campus as a whole tends stick to their own comfortability within their cultures. Nonetheless, I'm confident that this disconnect is being challenged and strides are being made by our administration, students and staff. Having a new VP position that focuses on diversity speaks volumes.”


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