Lady Cardinals Soccer Fall Prey to the Cougars

Lady Cardinals Soccer Fall Prey to the Cougars

    On Friday, Sept. 15, the Lady Cardinals had their second soccer game of the season. Despite the high temperatures, the team felt excited about their game. After individual and team photos were taken, the ladies began warming up. This time their opponents were the University of Cincinnati-Clermont, the Cougars, who had made a four-and-a-half-hour trek from Ohio to play against the Lady Cardinals.

As the game began, it was quickly realized that the University of Cincinnati-Clermont ladies were very talented players and that the Lady Cardinals had a hard game ahead. The heat did not make the game any easier, and while the temperature was only around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it felt much warmer to the players who were unable to get water during the game.

Unfortunately, as the minutes ticked on, the game was not looking in favor of the Lady Cardinals. Dehydrated and disheartened, the Lady Cardinals accepted the final score and congratulated their opponents on a game well played. The final score: 13-0.

Personally, as a player myself, I was proud of my teammates for working hard in the heat and continuing to fight despite the fact that we were not winning. We had some new teammates that started not long ago but they picked up quickly and contributed greatly to the team and the game.

Striker Olivia Woodard (sophomore, graphic design) said, “The game was hard-fought and difficult to swallow afterwards, but we can only hope to improve for our next game and strive to correct our mistakes.”

Tsion Getahun (sophomore, medical laboratory science), a midfielder, said, “We took a beating last Friday. We even helped the opposing team out a little, which goes to show how giving we are as a team. On a serious note, though, I think we all worked really hard. It was really amazing to see first time players really working hard out there and giving it their all. I think this game made our team a lot closer, we really started to encourage each other to keep pushing, which I think we all needed from each other.”

Defender Ruth Molina (senior, social work) said, “We have an amazing team of hardworking ladies and everyone gave it their best on Friday.”

After the game the team came together and discussed some things that they could work on, which they intend to start right away during practice on Monday.

Haley Smoot, a senior defender, said that “...the Lady Cardinals are in a state of transition with a lot of new players starting this season. In addition, we are getting some new players midseason which takes some adjustment. We are looking forward to practice on Monday to improve our game for our following matches.” Hopefully our next few games swing more in our favor, but if not I am confident that we will still continue to play our hardest and encourage one another to keep pushing no matter what.


Softball, Teamwork, Pain And Torture

Softball, Teamwork, Pain And Torture

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