Juicing with Jackie!

Juicing with Jackie!

Jacqueline Dohna, 1st year graduate student studying Divinity and Social Work, prioritizes a healthy lifestyle. At age 19, Dohna began taking her health seriously as she became a Seventh-day Adventist. She made the complete switch to veganism after watching the documentary film “Forks Over Knives” and was assured that periodical dieting and cleansing lacked beneficial longevity. One of her recent additions to her healthy practices is juicing. In this interview, Donha shares with genuine enthusiasm her new step in making healthier choices.


Why did you decided to start juicing?
Smoothies are a part of my heart. Smoothies will always be a part of my diet. It was not until this summer a friend of mine told me that she went on a 60-day fresh juice fast after watching this documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and I was like “I’ve never seen that one.” After camp, I watched it and ordered a juicer. I decided to incorporate this into my diet to give my body optimal nutrients and antioxidants super quick.



What is your juicing routine?
When I first bought my juicer, I was juicing once a day and it was usually for breakfast or lunch and sometimes dinner. Usually, I would replace a meal with fresh juice and a protein bar. Now, with school and everything, I do it once every other day. I have a masticating juicer, so it juices a bit slower but it gets you better nutrients.



Any challenging experiences so far with juicing?
I’m not this perfect vegan like some people might think. With grad school and everything, I wasn’t prepared to deal with all this. It’s about being intentional, about setting aside time to eat healthy. Preparation is key. Preparation in advance. So I have made some juices where I was like, “this is nasty, but I’m gonna drink it because I made it and I know that it’s healthy for me.” It’s a learning process. You have to figure out which foods go well together, which fruits and veggies are going to compliment each other. I hate cucumbers but I’m trying to start incorporating them in my juices in small amounts so my palate becomes adjusted to it. You have to use creativity and sometimes you gotta suck it up and drink some nasty juice that you made.



What’s your favorite ingredient combination for juicing?
I put apples in almost all of my juices—Pink Lady Apples especially. I always try to add some kind of greens, usually spinach and kale. Adding carrots, mangos and a little bit of ginger is probably my favorite so far.



What’s your encouragement for others to start juicing, especially for college students?
In college, it is hard if you’re not living in your own place. With the juicer I have, all you need is an outlet and a refrigerator. I guess it’s just switching the mindset from “my health is pushed to the side when things get crazy” to making it a priority.  That wasn’t something that I decided until this year. If you make health a priority and your behavior starts aligning with that, making time for juicing or smoothies will just become a part of who you are, not just your daily routine. It is a struggle because we say we have these priorities but they really are not. Adjusting takes time but it’s doable. The mindset is beyond how you want to look; instead it’s about how you want to feel. It’s taking the focus off the numbers on a scale and putting health as the main priority.



Is juicing a good idea for non-vegans?
Yes, and it depends on the person. Incorporating one juice a day into your diet could make you feel a lot better. If you have a not-so-good diet, but you drink one juice a day, your body is getting those nutrients super quick. That’s the thing with juicing. There’s less fiber and your body is absorbing those antioxidants and vitamins quickly. If you’re a person who would like to take your health a step further, then having a plant-based diet and eating less processed foods is a good start.



Did you see any changes in your lifestyle when you started juicing?
When I first started juicing, I was having so much fun! As far as health benefits, I definitely feel it in my body. I feel more alert and more ready for the day. Oddly enough, when I started and was replacing a meal with a juice, I felt satisfied. I wasn’t hungry. My body adjusted. It was a mind over matter thing. It has helped with portion control.



Is juicing expensive?
It’s a good investment. Things will get cheaper along the way with sales on fruit or vegetables. The way I look at it is: my health is important and I am willing to spend money on it now instead of when I’m in the hospital because I have x, y and z things wrong with me. Naked juices and other commercialized ones are okay but they are processed. Juices lose their nutrients after a day so making a fresh one is much better.



Do you have a YouTube channel?
I do! I’m glad you asked! I actually started it for the purpose of empowering other people and a part of that is health. I enjoy helping people make better healthy decisions for their actual body but also their mind. It’s a holistic approach that I am taking with this channel. I do juicing, I make vegan food, I talk about social justice, I talk about overall encouraging people and letting people know that you are valued and have the power to change things about your life. Now that I’m a healthier person, I wanted to share that with other people through my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel— Jackie Vegan Pizza!



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