Why Rush? Explore!

Why Rush? Explore!

As the Director of Personal and Career Development, Aaron Moushon also serves as the Director of the Explore Andrews Program. Apart from his role as an academic advisor, Moushon’s other involvements include helping high school students prepare for college, AU international partnerships, and assisting with incoming students as an admissions professional. Moushon’s passionate goal is to help students make the most of their time at Andrews and prepare them for the future.

What is the main purpose of the Explore Andrews program, and how does it work?
Explore Andrews exists to help students find the best on-campus major that lines up with their career goals and personal abilities. I primarily work with incoming freshman who are trying to narrow down their options or just find the best fit for their skillset. Primarily we do a lot of one-on-one advising and figuring out how students work. Everything we do is personalized to each individual. There are no molds to work from.


Can any undergraduate student enroll in Explore Andrews?

Yes they can. Although we work mostly with freshman, we are also a destination for students who started a major and want to make a change. We also welcome transfer students who might not be aware of everything that Andrews has to offer.


How long does the program last?

Typically students will stay in the program for 1-2 semesters. The intent is to get you to the right program, so we don’t hold anyone back.


How many Explore Andrews students are on campus?

I work with around 100 students per year in a variety of capacities. At any given time I have about 55 advisees.


Is each Explore Andrews program tailored to each student, or are those students expected to take a preset range of classes?

As I mentioned briefly before, there is no mold or set schedule for students. Each student comes with unique gifts and skillsets, so we try to take what students are good at and steer them towards career paths and majors that can make the most of those gifts. For our new freshman, we have a robust and varied core curriculum that lets us get students in courses that can introduce them to departments and majors while still checking off graduation requirements. Over the past few years, we have worked with the academic departments to offer more introductory courses and seminars that students can easily fit into their schedule so they can explore the various majors on campus.


Would you say there has been much success in regards to students finding direction in college? What outcome could an Explore Andrews student expect?

Over the past 10-15 years the college experience has become longer than it once was. The majority of students are now taking more than 4 years to graduate, and one of the goals of the Explore Andrews Program is to help students get back to a 4-year degree. It might seem counterintuitive that starting college without a major will get you done sooner, but there is serious research and data to back that up. In the past few years, about 80% of new college freshman change their major before they graduate. Major changes slow down the process. When a student who is unsure of their major starts out broad and takes the time to explore their options, they tend to finish up a little sooner. The students in the Explore Andrews Program have some of the highest enrollment indicators amongst student types on campus, so we have seen a benefit from the program for our students.


Any advice you would give to students who are in a major, but may be considering Explore Andrews?

One of our goals as a program, and as a university, is to help our students get the best education possible and leave Andrews ready to enter the job market and contribute to society. If a student has already found their calling and is in a great major, that is fantastic. However, if students are in a major that they are unhappy with for one reason or another, we’d love for them to stop by the office and have a chat about their options.


What is your vision for the Explore Andrews Program?

I envision a learning environment where every student who comes to Andrews has the opportunity to explore their career and major options during their first year of study. I think it is a lot to ask an 18-year-old high school graduate to know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life as soon as they start school.


Not only does Moushon showcase warm personality and passion for college students, he genuinely wants the best for his advisees. If you have any questions or want to meet Moushon himself, don’t hesitate to stop by his office in Nethery Hall 138 office.


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