Students Reflections On the School Year

    Some would argue that this school year has been one of the most eventful in Andrews University’s history. From appointing the first female president at Andrews University to challenging race relations in the church, the 2016-2017 school year proved to be a dynamic one. Thus, we wanted to know what, in retrospect, you will remember about this school year. Here are a few of your favorite memories:

“My favorite memory of the school year was when I performed at The Group Off with the Grammys . It was an experience I will never forget.” Shaly Torres (senior, psychology)

“I had so many memories that it was hard to say I had a favorite; however, my favorite thing about the school year was that it started later than usual.” Nathanael Tchamba (junior, psychology)

“Definitely the final show of Acrofest. It was really cool being able to be a part of such a great ministry opportunity, as well as a great gathering of a lot of great athletes and gymnasts.” Jonathan Constantine (junior, pre-nursing)

“Last semester my friend Dally brought me a yogurt parfait because I was having a really bad day, but it made my day!” Noël Harris (senior, French, community & international development)

“During Black History Month when we had Jamie Kowlessar from Dallas, Texas. Although he made some people feel uncomfortable I like how it eventually influenced #ItIsTimeAU.” Yvonne Nunga (sophomore, journalism)

“My favorite memory from this school year was the Filipino Culture Night because all our hard work paid off, and the play was really good. People really enjoyed it, it even got emotional; people did dances and overall I think it went well.” Warren Albert Chaves Garrido (junior, finance)

“I really enjoyed The Group Off this year. It was fun and cool with a change in location. Of the many performances, I think Cameron did really well and so did the three Gymnics guys. It was a very entertaining show.” Rachel Arner (sophomore, religion)

“My favorite memory was more of an experience. Reading through the April Fools edition of The Student Movement was unforgettable. It was filled with many funny articles.” Zach Sloan (senior, computer science)

“My favorite memory was probably hearing Dr. Luxton’s response after the #ItIsTimeAU video. I felt like it was a great stepping stone to equality and fairness on our campus.” Tyler Mason (junior, business administration)



“I would say Open House. The food was good, and it was fun chilling with friends from Lamson in the comfort of my room.”Marlon Perkins (sophomore, architecture)



“My favorite memory from AU was the first NEST. It was my favorite because I got to meet people in my class and listen to a lot of good music.”Taylor Scalzo (freshman, design)



“The International Food Fair! The food was good, and I got to taste different things from around the world.” Victoria Ansah (freshman, accounting)



“Andrea Luxton’s apology, I felt like it brought a lot of students closer. I was proud of Andrews, and the direction it is going in. It shows that the school does care and listen to our concerns. Also, our voice does make a difference.” Warren Gillin (Master of Divinity, first year)



“My favorite memory from this year would be RA training at the beginning and through the rest of the year. The experience gained from learning how to care for residents has been a great benefit to my education. This gave the Meier residence hall team a time to bond and find ways to cater to the student body not only as a RA but as student leaders.” Lukonde Mwinga (senior, business management)

“I work in Campus Ministries, many would argue that I live there, so there are many things that I see. Most of us who work and chill in CM have grown into a family. Literally the other day Kevin Wilson decided to start some shenanigans and bother Dina, the desk receptionist. What did he do? Well, let me tell you. On the back table there was a sign that says, ‘Please straighten up the table after you're done using it.’ Mr. Wilson decided to write on the sign and say that the table already comes straight. She saw this and made a new sign that said, ‘KEVIN WILSON PLEASE CLEAN THIS TABLE DAILY! SUPPLIES ARE LOCATED IN THE CLOSET!’ Then she got a bucket of rags and a spray and put his name on it in the closet. Talk about shade! Don't mess with Dina. And the best think about it, she did it in pure love and we were laughing about the whole thing.” Ev Milliner (junior,  social work)

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