Randy Sanchez: President, Doctor, YouTuber?

Randy Sanchez: President, Doctor, YouTuber?

Name: Randy Sanchez
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Biology, Pre-Medicine
Interviewed by Rachel Arner



At the Andrews University Awards Celebration on Tuesday, April 25, Randy Sanchez received the Weniger Fellows Student Scholarship, an award given to three students attending accredited North American Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities who demonstrate excellence in spirituality, academics, civic service and leadership. This interview gives us a closer look at the man now holding this award.

So Randy, where are you from?
I was born in Puebla, Mexico, but was raised and currently live in Amarillo, Texas. After graduation, I plan to attend Loma Linda University (LLU) School of Medicine. 

How long will you be studying at Loma Linda?
Medicine at LLU is a four-year program with the last two years being mostly clinical rotations and elective courses, so I will be there until 2021, when I plan to graduate. After Med School comes residency and post-grad life where we will actually begin to work as physicians. I am still undecided on what I want to specialize in, but I may go into cardiology, or pediatrics, or maybe even pediatric cardiology. As to where I will work after Loma, it is all depending on what I choose to pursue and where in the country I get accepted for a residency program. 

After residency, where do you hope to work?
I haven’t actually thought about this too much before. I'm guessing it has to do a bit with how I was raised. My parents always were active in the church and the community so they taught me to give back and be of help in any situation without expecting anything in return. I enjoy being involved partly because I was taught how by my parents' example, but also because people cared and helped me when I was a freshman. Upperclassmen took the time to guide and instruct a young and naive freshman Randy and because of them I was able to make it this far. Seeing someone succeed and knowing that I helped encourages me to keep going and put more effort so others can feel how I did these past four years.

So, you’ve been the President of the J.N. Andrews Honors Program for the past year. What is it like serving in that role?
This is actually my second year as Honors President (and this year I'm also the Senior Class President) and what it entails is working alongside the Honors Director, Dr. (L. Monique) Pittman, to lead the team of student officers in coordinating events for the academic year. We help plan the cultural outings, the annual Honors Church, agape feasts and this year our 50th Anniversary Gala as well. I think this position of leadership taught me how to work with people of different cultural and academic backgrounds in a respectful and productive way. It also taught me how to be a leader while treating everyone with respect.

What are some of your hobbies?
In my spare time (which is rare these days, sadly) I like to listen to music, play piano, hang out with people and now keep up with my YouTube vlog which I started last August. 

That’s so cool that you have a YouTube channel! Will we be able to see your adventures in California?
As for my YouTube Channel, I will try to keep up with it after graduation just because it has become an outlet for my stress. It's nice to take some time away from school work and do something that is fun and still seems productive. It also helps my family and friends from far away to see what is going on with my life in a comical yet informative way. If you want to check it out and see how life in Cali turns out, I'm always grateful for new subscribers! My YouTube is therandyschz.

This year, you also helped with Hope Trending; how did you get involved with that?
For Hope Trending, Pastor Rodlie Ortiz approached me in August and asked if I would like to be a part of the Hope Trending Panel. After some thought and prayer I agreed to help out (a bit reluctantly at first because I was not sure if I was qualified for that kind of experience) and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was such a blessing to share the stage with some amazing people and to learn with them as we probed some of the most fundamental questions to us as Adventists. I enjoyed the entire experience, but I believe my favorite part would be the camaraderie behind the scenes. Everyone was just so kind and helpful in everything they did and it was a great privilege to get to see how everything came together before each night even began. Having conversations with Pastor Dwight (Nelson) and Ty Gibson over bowtie color preference in the makeup room was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

What is the difference between being a member of the J.N. Andrews Honors Program versus not being a member?
Honors gives you a different general education package which reduces the gen ed requirements so you can focus more on taking classes relevant to your major. Classes are combined like in Western Heritage, which brings together philosophy/religion, history and the arts into a coherent learning experience. For me personally, I also felt Honors provided a community in which I was allowed to grow and develop into the person I am today. Although I am scared for life after college, I feel more prepared than I did four years ago and I strongly believe the Honors program played a major role in that.

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