Intramurals Championship

Intramurals Championship

    Monday, April 24 marked both the beginning of the Final Exam season and the end of intramurals season. After a long and grueling season of spirited athleticism, six of Andrews University’s finest intramural basketball teams gathered in Johnson Gymnasium for a face-off to determine who was worthy of the title “champion.”

The B-League men’s championship pitted “Helen Keller Court Vision” versus “Old and Slow.” Considering “Old and Slow” had gone throughout the entire season undefeated, Helen Keller Court Vision entered as underdogs.

Nevertheless, it was a fairly even match, and with a score of 38-40 with only a minute left on the clock, audience members were on the edge of their seat with anticipation. In the end, Helen Keller Court Vision used their youth and athleticism to maneuver their way to the top, with a final score of 41-42.

“I’ve been here since 2010, trying to win a championship, and there’s nobody I’d rather win it with,” said Jonathan Momplaisir (Doctor of Physical Therapy, second year), the team’s point forward. “I came out here with my boys, and we took care of business.”

The next game was the women’s division game. The contenders were the “Harlem Globe Trappers” v. “PT” (Pain and Torture). By the end of the first half, “PT” was down by three points. At this point, the “PT” women put in a valiant effort to live up to their name. However, despite having missed a couple important shots, the “Harlem Globe Trappers” hustled back, and in the end won by one point, with a final score of 41-40.

“This was a good game and ‘PT’ was a great opponent,” said Kia Williams (sophomore, speech-language pathology & audiology), who played small forward. “I think we worked really hard and played good defense. We were knocking down good shots, and got some threes.”

When asked about the comparison between the dynamic of the intramurals games and playing with the Cardinals team during the season, Williams replied, “I like intramurals because it’s a lot more chill than the actual season. It’s not as stressful. We can just play without all the extra factors that come with the game.”

As the evening went on, the gymnasium slowly began to fill, and by the time the last game began, nearly all of the bleachers were filled with eager fans and spectators looking for some Monday night stress relief.

The final game of the evening was the Division 1 men’s basketball match-up, which consisted of the teams “Versatile” and “Dream Team.”

At the beginning of the game, Chaplain Michael Polite, point guard for “Versatile,” said, “This is the first time this team has ever played together. Out of our first three games, we won one and lost two. So we had a slow start. But it’s all about chemistry, and we’ve been undefeated since those first three games.”

Both teams displayed hard work, dedication and passion, but in the end there was only one victor: “Versatile.” With a finishing score of 64-48, the contenders went home tired yet satisfied.

“When you have Chaplain Polite on your team, you know the Holy Spirit is on your side,” said Brandon Von Dorpowski (junior, marketing), who played as the team’s shooting guard.
    Von Dorpowski also scored the most points for the team throughout the course of the evening.
    “I think we came together well. We learned how to play to each others’ strengths and cover up for each others’ weaknesses. And that showed in how we won tonight.”

Although the intramural season is now season, the spirit of victory and good sportsmanship with continue on in the lives of the contestants. Hopefully this positive energy will be transferred in the academic realm, and students will claim victories both on and off the courts.


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