Koinonia Day: A New Chance for Fellowship

Koinonia Day: A New Chance for Fellowship

    On Saturday, April 29, Pioneer Memorial Church and New Life Fellowship will be engaging in a “church swap.” In an event titled “Koinonia Day: Embracing the Power of Christian Fellowship,” the congregations will switch their place of worship for their 11:45 a.m. service.” “Koinonia” is a Greek biblical word meaning “Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians.”

Pastor Dwight Nelson of PMC and Chaplain Michael Polite of New Life Fellowship thought of the idea and brought it to Andrews.

New Life’s congregation has been steadily growing, making it difficult to host them in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary chapel.

“I think the main benefit is showing that New Life is an expanding church and it's going to need a bigger space for its services,” said Jameeka Williams (freshman, history).

Williams is a regular attendee of New Life’s worship services, as is Maya Nelson (freshman, social work).

“I think the church swap is very good idea because both churches will be able to experience each other's church experience,” said Maya Nelson. “The benefits are to appreciate how everyone from both churches feel in a smaller church and in a much larger one.”

Shannika Ifill (sophomore, finance) had another idea of why this event would be beneficial.

“I think it'll give way to people switching it up a bit,” Ifill said, “So people that don't normally go to New Life might go or people who don't normally go to PMC.”

Students will get to share in the experiences of their peers, and witness how they worship every Sabbath.

“This exchange will provide an opportunity for each congregation to experience the worship space of each other; then survey their congregants to collect data on how people felt during the exchange,” said Provost Christon Arthur, in his announcement of the event via email on April 17. “The data may inform long-term worship plans.”

While the switch is only occurring between PMC and New Life, after the close of the 11:45 a.m. church services, One Place Fellowship will also join them on the Flag Mall to partake in a potluck provided by the University for all three churches.

After the potluck, there will be a vespers with all three church congregations, bringing fellowship together. Andrews invites all students to come and enjoy this experience together.

Come out and fellowship with your fellow Andrews students and fellow Christians.


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