Ashley Neu Chosen as Assistant Director for Student Activities

Ashley Neu Chosen as Assistant Director for Student Activities

Beginning Fall 2017, this school year’s AUSA President Ashley Neu will serve as the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Involvement. Many students may remember this as Emily Carlson’s previous position before she accepted the position as the director of the Director of Undergraduate Leadership program. Both Emily and Ashley participated in interviews to give more provide more insight on Ashley’s future role as Assistant Director of Student Activities and Involvement.



Name: Ashley Neu
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Public Relations
Interviewed by Adly Altidor



Do you mind giving a brief description of what your new job entails?
I will be working closely with Student Life to provide ways for students to engage in different activities throughout the school year. I will also be working with the different clubs and organizations on campus helping to provide assistance with events throughout the year. 

What made you interested in taking over this position?
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Student Life both as a student worker and serving on AUSA for the past couple years. I have a lot of respect for the department and what they do. I have a passion for planning activities and events and want to be able to connect with students and hopefully help them enjoy their time here at AU.

Are you excited about your new job?
I am very excited. I start my first full day of work the day after graduation. The plan is to train during the summer and be ready for all the students when they come in the fall. I’m especially excited about the fall because that’s when all the students will be back on campus and all the fun will start!

Do you believe that this will be a long-term position for you?
I have no plan to leave anytime soon. I have a huge passion for what this position entails and am just excited to give it everything I’ve got while I’m here.

Was there another job that you were thinking about before being offered this position?
I was offered another position at the same time I was offered this one. After much prayer and talking it over with family and close friends, I felt this was the position God was calling me to.

Are there any initial reservations that you have about taking this job on?
I can’t say there are any initial reservations. It’s a very time demanding position that requires working late hours and weekends, but it’s also a very rewarding position, and having worked closely with Emily in the past, I know the positives outweigh the negatives.

Do you feel pressure in terms of "replacing" Emily?
I do. Emily is amazing! There is no arguing that. I was lucky to have had the privilege of working closely with Emily in this position when I served as the AUSA Social Vice President during the 2015-2016 school year. Emily is someone I admire and so I hope I can make her proud.

Will you be doing anything significantly different from what Emily did?
The job description hasn’t changed. The position requires creativity when it comes to planning. There will be things I’ll do differently just because they’ll work better for me, but other than that I don’t see there being any significant changes.

How do you think you can make what you do impact the lives of those you will be interacting with each day?
My job will require interacting with students on a daily basis and that’s one of the reasons I wanted this position. I hope that through this position I can help students de-stress from all the school work and enjoy their college experience.



Name: Emily Carlson
Director of Undergraduate Leadership Development
Interviewed by Adly Altidor


How do you feel about passing the torch to Ashley Neu?
Ashley's experience as a student leader on campus has given her a strong network of students, faculty and staff, as well as lots of exposure to our annual events and the work that it takes to pull them off. She has plenty of tools in her belt to succeed in this new role. I am cheering her on! Dean (Deborah) Weithers is a fantastic boss and I learned a lot with her as my direct report. I know Ashley is in good hands with her and the rest of our Student Life team. They all were of huge support to me during my two years there.

What is the greatest concern that you may have for her?
It's a multifaceted job that requires a lot of juggling various responsibilities. I hope that she will be able to find balance and the occasional weekend off!

How did this position impacted you as a person?
I learned so much in that role. It really challenged me to prioritize and learn how to say no, to let things go (which is hard for my personality), to be more decisive, and to trust in Jesus to fill in the gaps where I was weak. I prayed a lot in that job, and it bolstered my faith for sure. It also helped me to build really strong relationships here on campus that have aided me in my new role in leadership.


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