Food Fair Superlatives

Food Fair Superlatives

As the second most diverse university in the nation, there is no day that serves as a pinnacle for the Andrews University experience quite so much as the day of the International Food Fair. It’s the day where we celebrate our differences and unite ourselves in the distinct feature we all share as humans: our love of food. Knowing that we could never adequately do justice in recapping the glory that is this event, we decided instead to highlight some of the most outstanding booths.


Most Commitment to a Theme: Eastern European Society. From their beautiful antique tablecloths to the framed family photos hanging on walls of their booth (complete with floral wallpaper and warm lights), as well as club representatives clothed in traditional Romanian costumes, the Eastern European Society definitely proved their commitment to displaying their culture.


Best Set Design: AFIA (Andrews Filipino International Association). With brightly-colored handmade signs displayed on traditional woodwork framing, AFIA’s booth emanated promise of happiness and culinary satisfaction for those who passed by. As Andrei W. Kyrk Defino (senior, English, pre-law) said, “We go awf with our bamboo.”


Longest Line: SASA (Southeast Asian Student Association). This booth has consistently held the lead when it came to longest lines, and is known as one of the vendors for which you’re going to want to show up early. Considering the consistency of this monster-of a line, the food is evidently, simply put, worth it.


Best for Picky Eaters: PMC Evergreen Pathfinders. How can you go wrong with corn dogs, funnel cakes and “sno” cones? Trick question—you can’t. This booth is consistently a go-to for the less culinarily adventurous. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Am I right, ladies?


Freshest Food: Overseas Chinese Student Association. While many booths offered a slew of refreshing and hearty options, this booth absolutely took the cake with their “chicken rice” menu item. This dish featured a bed of white rice, topped with seared veggie chicken, then a layer of bright, fresh greens, such as cucumbers, green onions and cilantro. This culinary masterpiece was a true treasure to devour.


Best Value: Korean Club. Many students, and The Student Movement reporters, found themselves returning to this food to capitalize on the best-bang-for-your-buck prices this booth was offering. With hearty options such as Kimbap and Japchae for as little as four tickets, this club was easy on the palette and the wallet.


Best Spicy Option: Arepas Bar. While many of the booths offered an assortment of heated concoctions, the Arepas bar dominated the competition with their medley of salsas.


Best Dessert: Brazil. Brigadeiro (chocolate truffle), Mousse de Maracuja (passion fruit mousse), Pudim de Leite (Brazilian flan): these are the names of a few of the mouth-watering goodies that earned the Brazilian booth the title of the Best Dessert.


Most Organized: Caribbean Nations Club. The food fair can be a bit of a hectic event, but amidst the disarray arose the Caribbean Nations Club, a club who would champion the cause of organized chaos. Upon arrival, guests received a slip of paper with all the menu items they offered written on it. The next step was to turn in your slip and receive your sustenance as selected. This expedited process made ordering a breeze that was almost as refreshing as the chicken rice from the Overseas Chinese Student Association (see Freshest Food category).

Tastiest Food: Karibu Tanzania. These finger-lickin’ foodstuffs included authentic cultural dishes such as Chapati (flatbread), Pilau (seasoned rice), Sukuma Wiki (greens) and Mandazi (fried bread). Each of these was heartily seasoned with secret spices to add to the Tanzanian flair.

 Handstands, Hand-to-Foots, Handmade

Handstands, Hand-to-Foots, Handmade

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