AU Enactus Achieves at Regional Competition

AU Enactus Achieves at Regional Competition

On March 26, 2017, the Andrews University Enactus team went to Chicago for the Enactus U.S. Regional Competition in hopes of advancing to the National Exposition at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  

The Regional Competition’s presenting sponsors were Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, who helped provide for the location of the event. Throughout the day, the other sponsors at the event joined together to help host a job fair in their respective locations within one of the exhibit halls. Lauren Dalton (junior, marketing), a member of AU Enactus, was offered an internship on the spot while the day’s events took place.  

            About the exhibition, Dalton said, “It was a great experience going to the career fair and getting to speak to so many companies. The Sam's Club Walmart branch division offered a really great program and I'm glad I've made a connection with their team. Unfortunately, I had already been setting my summer up for another internship which was already in place. But as a student, it's awesome to see the future career possibilities.”

    There were thirteen judges at the regional competition. The judges watched every single presentation presented and rated each team of students on a five-point scale: Insufficient, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

    The team’s hard work and presentation of two projects allowed them to be selected to advance to the National Exposition, which will take place May 21-23.     

“We had a great mix of students from different class levels, and everyone's dedication really showed in the final presentation,” Dalton said.

Kimberly Pichot, Associate Professor of Marketing, described the team's state and goals for nationals.

“We are very happy to qualify for Nationals and we are hoping to gain recognition from Unilever,” Pichot said. “They are currently sponsoring a specific competition that we have received a grant for and are hoping to get some form of recognition for the work we have done.”

The two projects highlighted by Trayvon Brown (senior, marketing), the AU Enactus’ Marketing Project Coordinator, that helped the team’s case in advancing to Nationals, were Operations Regenesis and Next Steps to Success.

For Operations Regenesis, Andrews University students will embark on a humanitarian trip Masaya, Nicaragua, where they will be working with a private clinic to raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention.

“In this trip, the students will look to cultivate the vision when partnered with the Foundation for Sustainable Development to meet the needs of CIPO, a private clinic dedicated to Oncological Research and Prevention,” Brown said.  

Brown added that the project’s main goal is “to help CIPO properly manage their finances, expand their service reach, and ensure proper and efficient screening with an end goal of improving the longevity of the women of Masaya, by minimizing the risk of contracting cervical cancer.”

The other project, Next Steps to Success, aims to empower high school students at Berrien Springs High School with practical knowledge to guide them into their future after graduation. Since studies have shown that about 61 percent of high school graduates did not take a specific college or career-readying curriculum, Enactus has helped temper Berrien Springs students’ transitions from high school to college.

When asked about the highlights of going to these competitions, Pichot said, “One of the highlights of Nationals is always to support and spend time with other Adventist Enactus teams. We always have fun meeting all the students from Seventh-day Adventist schools there.”


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