Young Scholars Shine at Poster Symposium

Young Scholars Shine at Poster Symposium

    On March 3 at 2:30 p.m., the Honors Scholars & Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium was held in the lobby of Buller Hall. The symposium was sponsored by the J.N. Andrews Honors Program and the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship. All the posters displayed the research projects of Andrews University students as advisees of various professors.
    The poster symposium was open to all Andrews University students and faculty. March 3’s symposium featured 32 undergraduate research presentations and 24 Honors Scholars thesis presentations. Dressed in business attire, students lined the halls adjacent to their posters to provide a brief description of their research to interested attendees, explaining what their projects were about and what conclusions were reached.

Brian Wong, Professor of Biology, is the advisor of Irene Hwang, (senior, biochemistry, pre-dentistry) who presented the Ames Test Optimization for Evaluating Mutagenicity of Arginine-Based Heterocyclic Amines, a study of the anticancer mechanisms of various phytochemicals found in Chinese medicinal herbs.

Wong said, “Some Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) have been known to be cancer-causing compounds formed from some meat products.”

Hwang and other Scholars are looking to see if any similar cancer-causing compounds exist in chinese medicinal herbs.

Hwang said, “The research is a great opportunity for students to show all their hard work and the new, exciting discoveries in their field. I find it so amazing to be a part of a student body that is always active in exploration and discovery.”

Several presenters shared exciting information about their research.

Jennifer Coleman (junior, theology) who presented a poster on Hermeneutics: A Method Applied, said, “Through my research, I was able to suggest and make my own improvements for the 10-step hermeneutics method.”

Courtney-Lynn V. Harvey (senior, psychology, Spanish) presented her poster on The Twenty-First Century Professor: An Evaluation of Time Allocation Among University Faculty.
    Harvey said, “I appreciated the Undergraduate Research Symposium because discussing my research with people actually helping me better understand my findings and the research process in general. Overall, it was a great experience.”


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