Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break on a Budget

There are two things almost every college student has in common: dreams of experiencing all the multifaceted wonder this life has to offer, and a wallet thinner than a Dorito. With Spring Break just around the corner, we’re all feeling that burning desire to capitalize on this window of freedom, yet this requires a certain amount of financial tact and innovation. That being said, here are some key areas to focus on, and helpful tips to keep in mind when crafting your Spring Break 2K17 plans.



Train: Trains are an excellent, and often overlooked alternative to planes. If you’re looking to save a few bills, the locomotive route provides a decently timely arrival for only (in some cases) a fraction of the cost. While the journey itself might consume a few extra hours of your itinerary, the extended travel time provides a therapy of sorts for those who’ve succumbed to the hectic and busy lifestyle of academia.

Carpool: Consider taking a risk this break and venture out on a road trip with some friends. Choose an ideal destination and reach out on social media to see what caravan options are available.



Airbnb: If you’re looking to capture some trendy shots for your next few Instagram posts, then this is right up your alley. Airbnb is a hospitality service, which provides travelers the opportunity to lodge short-term in fully-furnished living spaces.

Hospitable Seventh-day Adventists: This is a group on Facebook which provides Adventists the opportunity to connect with each other, to pool resources for travel, and to provide or receive hospitality when traveling. A true picture of community development and global connectedness, members communicate with quick and simple posts and responses. The most enticing element of this option is, perhaps, the beauty and intrigue to be found in the experience of observing how Adventism is practiced across the nation and the world at large.

Camping: Considering the particularly mild winter Michigan has had this year, an outdoor adventure is a viable option this Spring Break.

Day Trips: Far too often we fall victim to the “I can’t wait to get out of Andrews” mentality, and a result we take for granted the subtle pleasures Michigan has to offer. Holland, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Mackinac Island—a visit to any of these locations would provide a more comprehensive view of all the scenery and culture Michigan has to offer.

Dorm: For those of you who are without an escape this break, know that there are ways of sprucing up your stay-cation; whether that be a Netflix marathon (see next week’s A&E section for recommendations), a romp through the woods behind University Towers, or an chance to finally cozy up in your favorite book nook and lose yourself in some non-professor-mandated literature. This is also an excellent opportunity to take up a new hobby, catch up on sleep or clock in some extra hours at work to fund your spring season wardrobe change.



Groupon: While not frequently utilized amongst college students, Groupon provides extension travel opportunities across the globe, for discounted rates, in packages which include access to resources beyond just airfare.

Group Rates: Everything is cheaper in bulk, and that includes most attractions. Theme parks, museums and the like offer cheaper rates for groups that exceed a certain number. The extra effort it will take to rally a few more troops may be well worth your time.

Student Discounts: Never miss an opportunity to reap the extra-curricular benefits of being a student.


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