Webcomics for Spring Break

Webcomics for Spring Break

Spring Break is an opportunity to dive into a good story. Here are several recommendations for webcomics which can be read for free online:



BACK is a current webcomic, the brainchild of KC Green and Anthony Clark. Though both Green and Clark have written and drawn their own webcomics, the two divide tasks with BACK according to their strengths: Green writes the witty script and Clark does inking and coloring. The creators describe the webcomic as a “western/fantasy about the end of the world.” The protagonist, a gun-toting woman given the name “Abigail,” has no memories but is a key player in triggering the world’s end. She teams up with a boy named Daniel, and they begin a journey to the capital city, where King Dang is up to some nefarious scheme. Fantastical characters with ridiculous personalities and powers populate this world. The webcomic updates every Wednesday. Start here:



Bad Machinery tells the schoolyard drama of Griswalds Grammar School in the fictional town of Tackleford. The British author, John Allison, has a mind for clever dialogue, and he puts this to use as his characters investigate the mysterious happenings in town. The webcomic is divided into episodes, each dealing with a mystery that rivaling teams of children attempt to solve before each other. Allison updates the site four days a week. The first case begins here:



Nedroid Picture Diary is a solo webcomic by Anthony Clark. The talented artist draws whimsical comics that predominantly feature the misadventures of two best friends: Beartato, who is half-bear half-potato; and an anthropomorphic bird named Reginald. Drawing heavily on absurdist humor, the webcomic never fails to entertain. Recommended for all ages. Though the webcomic does not update regularly, the archive contains plenty of excellent content.



Gunnerkrigg Court is the perfect webcomic for any fan of the Harry Potter books and films. The chapter-based story is set at an enormous and enigmatic boarding school, where Antimony (“Annie”) Carver and her best friend Kat uncover endless secrets about the Court and the neighboring forest. Like Harry Potter, Annie is special and has magic-like powers that others do not. But in the world of Gunnerkrigg Court, magic coexists with advanced technology, giving the webcomic a distinct steampunk feel. Tom Siddell updates the comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The story begins here:



Girl Genius is overtly steampunk. Agatha Heterodyne lives in a world ruled by people with “the spark,” which is the ability to create complicated mechanical creations. This skill, however, goes together with insanity, leading to the notion of “mad geniuses.” Agatha finds herself involved in a massive political struggle between the barons and generals and other important figures fighting for control over Europe. The creative team consists of Phil and Kaja Foglio, who always deliver an action-packed story. First page:



The Adventures of Dr. McNinja just concluded this past January. As per the title, the webcomic follows the ridiculous but thrilling missions of Dr. McNinja, who is both a licensed doctor and a trained ninja. Take every cheesy trope from the 80s and 90s, mash them together, and you’ve got the plot of most of the comic; Dr. McNinja faces pirates, zombies, ghost wizards, dinosaurs, Dracula himself, and the epitome of coolness King Radical. In addition to the silly but fun premise, the webcomic’s strength comes from Christopher Hastings’ hilarious dialogue and a lovable supporting cast. First adventure:


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