In the Eyes of a VP: Gideon Moyo

In the Eyes of a VP: Gideon Moyo

Name: Gideon Moyo
Class Standing: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Interviewed by Adriana Santana



What is your current Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) position?

I am the Senator-at-Large, which is an AUSA Cabinet position, but I am also part of AUSA Senate and help Jess (Yoong—senior, business administration, pre-medicine—AUSA Executive Vice President) with different Senate activities.


What made you get involved with Senate in the first place?

I thought it was time for me to get involved somehow, so I did, and represented Meier Third East last year as an AUSA Senator. I honestly just wanted to experience it, and from there I wanted to get more involved. So, I’m glad I get to still be a part of Senate next year.


What is the difference between Senate and AUSA?

Basically the AUSA Cabinet is the body of student leadership that talks to the administration, which are the executive positions. Senate is more a representation of the student body because we have different students from different halls in Meier Hall, Lamson Hall and University Towers, and then representatives for the community. They all come together and they help pass different legislative stuff.


So what is the position you’re going to be holding next year for AUSA, and what made you run for it?

I’m going to be the Executive Vice President. I think one thing that helped is that I served with Jess on Senate and on AUSA, which would make us a really good team next year. We already know how things work, and we won’t have any hiccups like planning events during the same times. We’ll know how to make different events run smoothly.

During your speech you mentioned the possible start of AU Uber, how is that coming along?
We had some sad news about that: since there’s a lot of liability issues the Uber concept can’t be affiliated with the university. I don’t think it’s going to die, not if I have any say about it, but it probably won’t be called AU Uber. While we were talking about names, Leah Wooten (freshman, international business) threw out Cardinal Route, and we really liked it.


So what other ideas are you thinking about for next year?

Some specific ones that I’ve been brainstorming have been a bucket list of activities or places to see for Andrews students to do in the area and they can cross it off. I know a lot of people don’t know what to do, so if there’s a list of stuff to do, it’ll make it better. I’m also just thinking of more activities to do in general; it can get busy though throughout the year, and people could make excuses on why they can’t do certain things. I’m also an active guy so if we had mud runs or color runs, I know I would get a lot of support from University Health & Wellness. I basically just want people to make memories; like if you were to graduate right now what would be your most favorite memory to cherish? So it would be sorta cool if someone was like, “Yeah there’s this one event that I really liked to do at Andrews...”


What is one of the major things you want to see this campus do?

This is little wild, but people always complain about the cafe and the Gazebo. When I was in Senate I would talk to Mark Daniels, asked why things are the way they are, so I really like all the effort they put into the cafeteria. With everything that they make, it takes a lot of work and investment; it’s all hand-made and good for you. It would be nice if there was a website though where people can see what products are available and be able to vote for what they want to see in the Gazebo.


Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to join Senate or AUSA?
I would say, if you don’t think that Andrews is perfect and there’s something you can change or see that needs to be changed then I think you should definitely run for AUSA. Also, even if you think it’s perfect, you should run because we’re going to need people to keep that going. You just have to get in there and get involved, and others will appreciate the work that you’re doing.

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