Will Personal Pizza Return to Gazebo Menu?

Name: Brad Hotelling
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Behavioral Science
Interviewed by Torian Hill


Each year, seniors enrolled in the Andrews University Undergraduate Leadership Program are required to create a lasting change on campus in order to graduate with credit from the department. This year, one student, Brad Hotelling, decided to focus his change project on issues concerning the menu options at the Gazebo.

So we have heard that you're doing a petition to change the Gazebo. What is this petition about?
The petition is to bring back some of the old options on the Gazebo menu. During my freshmen and sophomore year, the Gazebo had quite a large menu to choose from, and one of the fan favorites was the personal pizza. So my change project is to bring those back.

What has inspired you to do this petition?
I was inspired because I know that during Saturdays, there are not many food options to choose from unless you have a car. Typically on those nights I either get pizza or go to the other fast food places near campus. I want students to be able to have a greater food variety available while staying on campus.

What does this petition entail?
The petition is for my change project, which is almost in place, but Bon Appetit wants to make sure that if they bring back the personal pizza, people will buy it. I am currently collecting signatures, and once I have the desired amount then I will submit it.

How likely do you expect this to bring change to the Gazebo options?
This project is extremely likely to happen, but it just depends on if the students will continue to support it. Since pizzas were previously served, all of the equipment is already there so all that Bon Appetit has to do is order the supplies.

Who do you expect this to affect more, the upperclassmen or the underclassmen that know the current Gazebo style and nothing else?
This change project will help the underclassmen more because juniors and seniors are about to graduate soon, but if the process happens quickly, those seniors can enjoy the food that they had two years ago. This change project is trying to bring back old memories but also leave a better place for the underclassmen.

When will you no longer be accepting signatures?
Friday (March 3) at the earliest will be the cut-off date so that I can submit it as soon as possible. If I am able to get the signatures in sooner, then hopefully pizza can be on the menu before the semester is over.

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