Tuesday Night Talk

    As midterm season rolls around and anticipation for Spring Break begins to peak, it becomes exponentially important for students to carve out time to relax and socialize in order to maintain a balanced and healthy life. One such opportunity to practice this kind of downtime takes place every Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Campus Ministries office. It is known as Tuesday Night Talk.

“I just had the idea that I wanted to hang out with students in a casual environment, and so I decided to do it on Tuesday night,” said University Chaplain June Price, who is the founder and sponsor of the midweek social event. “I came up with the idea of TNT, like dynamite, because it’s powerful when you build relationships. So it’s called Tuesday Night Talk.”

Each Tuesday night, Chaplain Price provides students with some assortment of snacks, such as chips, granola bars and cookies, as well as some form of entertainment intended to help the participants bond and bring the group closer together. Sometimes this will involve nestling in on the couches and answering questions Chaplain Price has prepared for the group. Other times, the group will simply engage in a good old-fashioned game of Mario Kart.  

Price reported that the students who come out to event are usually of different class standings and majors, and are quite faithful in their attendance.

Raymond Bennett (junior, biology, pre-medicine) is one such TNT devotee.

“I come most weeks that it’s available,” said Bennett, as he bit into one of the Doritos he’d nabbed from the snack table. “I like hanging out with the chaplain. We normally have food or games, or we’re talking. It’s a really relaxing environment, and good for a homework break.”

Though the event has been going on for several semesters now, attendance remains relatively sparse.

    “I see it when I pass by sometimes, but I’m always too busy to stop in,” said Alexus Gonzales (senior, elementary education). “I think a great incentive to get more people to come would be to offer co-curricular credit.”

While their numbers remain small for the time being, the intimacy of the experience is readily available for those who do chose to continually commit themselves. So if you ever find yourself wandering aimlessly around the Campus Center on a Tuesday evening, consider stopping by the Campus Ministries office for a chance to eat, talk and chill with your fellow Andrews University students and faculty.


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