AUSA Election Results

AUSA Election Results

    The results are in. The 2017-2018 Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) officers have been elected. Each officer outlined his or her goals and hopes for the new school year at the forum held in the Howard Performing Arts Center on Feb. 16 at 11:30 a.m.

The student body voted in Linda Mosheti (junior, behavioral science) as their Senator-at-Large, one who is responsible for representing AUSA Senate to the AUSA Cabinet.

Mosheti said she desires to help “make Andrews University a better place.” In her speech, Mosheti mentioned some of the new services coming up in the upcoming year, like the AU UBER and the creation of an Andrews University app. Mosheti also mentioned plans for installing a vending machine in the Science Complex and more water bottle filling stations. Linda believes all these new additions will make a better campus.

Being voted in as Editor-in-Chief of The Student Movement is Kyrk Defino (senior, English, pre-law). Defino is currently the Humans editor for The Student Movement and noticing the lack of students who actually read the newspaper, said he hopes to reinvigorate the students’ interest in the student paper.

In his speech, Defino outlined his goal of fashioning a newspaper that is “raw and authentic” that highlights the real voice of Andrews University. Defino said he plans to create podcasts in order to connect voices to people.

Jordanne Howell-Walton (junior, psychology) was elected as Social Vice President. Howell-Walton gained experience for this position by working in the Division of Student Life as a member of the Student Activities team.

Howell-Walton said her biggest goal is to “make AU a community and,” referring to the student body, “a home for you.” Howell-Walton also emphasized the importance of communication with between AUSA and the student body. In the upcoming year, Howell-Walton said she will focus on listening to students and helping everyone express his or her voice.

The Executive Vice President for the next school year is Gideon Moyo (junior, electrical engineering). As part of his speech, Moyo introduced AU UBER, an online service created by AUSA Senate that, when completed, will provide Andrews University students with carpool opportunities from their fellow students. Moyo plans to include transportation to medical facilities as well as a food pick-up service.

Several students shared their excitement for the AU UBER service.

Pui Ka Chung (senior, mechanical engineering) said, “I am really excited about the AU UBER service. I am willing to give a ride to anyone who needed and I can meet some new friends at the same time. AU UBER is a really awesome idea.”

JeongJin Park (junior, mechanical engineering) said, “I think I will use the food delivery service a lot, as it sounds so convenient. But I am wondering, can they deliver the foods to my classroom?”

Finally, the President of AUSA for the 2017-2018 school year is Jessica Yoong (junior, business administration, pre-medicine).

Yoong started her speech, stating, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Additionally, in her speech, Yoong said, “When we all work together, we can bring an idea to fruition and take the initiative to reach out in service to others in a meaningful way.”

Yoong said she wants to establish a foundation for people to connect. She believes this is the greatest way to empower people. By building a community of students, Yoong thinks we can most effectively impact the world for the glory of God.


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