Chelsea Inglish Featured Speaker for Womanhood Week

Chelsea Inglish Featured Speaker for Womanhood Week

    From February 12-16, Lamson Hall is hosting its next Womanhood Week, an event held once every semester to celebrate, as its name indicates, womanhood.

    Womanhood Week was started in the early 1980s by Arlene Friestad, the Head Dean of Lamson Hall at the time. Since then, the tradition has been observed religiously. During Womanhood Week, a female speaker is brought to Lamson Hall to speak to its residents about what it means to be a woman, women’s issues, and other topics.

    The Lamson Hall deans choose the speakers, with input from Lamson Hall residents and  resident advisors. They utilize the end-of-the-year survey and also direct conversation to discern the topics of most interest to those who will be in attendance. Then, the deans decide who exactly will speak to the residents, based on who can best present on the selected topics.

    Shannika Ifill (sophomore, finance), who attended last semester’s Womanhood Week programs, said, “It was very interesting, to the point, and introduced lots of ideas for further contemplation.”

    Ifill said her Womanhood Week experience last semester encouraged her to attend this semester’s programs as well.

    This semester’s Womanhood Week is theme is “Called.” Chelsea Inglish, a youth pastor at Madison Campus Church in Tennessee, was invited to speak about what it means to be in a personal relationship with Christ.

    According to the Madison Campus Church, “(Inglish) began her ministry as the youth pastor in August, 2015, and has quickly grown to love this community. She loves singing, public speaking, and hanging out with her youth.”

    Residents have been invited to Lamson Hall’s chapel at 9:30 p.m. every day throughout the week to hear Inglish speak. In addition, Inglish also has been available at 7:15 p.m. to meet with Lamson Hall residents for conversation or prayer.

    Ifill said, “I really enjoyed what she had to say. I’m very excited to develop a closer and stronger relationship with God.”

    In the past, Womanhood Week featured two programs per night, ten in total, but this semester, the deans decided on only doing one.

    According to Dean Rachel Keele, Lamson Hall is planning more for Womanhood Week than Inglish’s nightly discussions,

“We also have a nightly ‘element’ that’s tied to the theme and planned by our student deans,” Keele said.
     Such elements planned for this Womanhood Week include guided discussions, a prayer activity, a journaling activity, special music, and praise and worship.

    The Lamson Hall deans have emphasized that Womanhood Week is not only for Lamson Hall residents, and rather encourage any ladies, whether they are Andrews University students or not, to attend the programs.      

    As typical for Thursday’s Synthesis, a co-ed chapel, everyone is welcome to hear Inglish speak. Co-curricular credit is offered for those in attendance.




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