The AUdition Experience

The AUdition Experience

    Julia Leacock, senior Biology Pre-optometry major, sat anxiously in the back of the Rec Center, awaiting the call for her AUdio audition. She smiled with excitement but spoke apprehensively of her first experience.

“I’m going to sing but I’m so nervous,” she said.

On Monday, October 30, Andrews University Student Association held its AUdio auditions. Across campus in past weeks, posters styled with a blank record reminded students that there is an opportunity to bring their musical creativity to life. A recording studio located in the basement of the Student Center, student formed and student led, records and releases songs performed by students. Jonathan Baker, sophomore theology major, directs AUdio. Baker shared his role in the process before the second audition session.  

He said, “I am conducting auditions to get people who may not be involved already or people we don’t know about (mainly freshmen and those who are not involved in the music scene) an opportunity to audition, show what they’ve got, and possibly get in on the Signature Series and Christmas album.”

The Signature Series and Christmas album are two primary features on AUSA’s Youtube channel. Each live acoustic recording done throughout the year is put on video for the Signature series and the Christmas album is specifically for the holiday times in December. Leacock was especially interested in auditioning for the Christmas album. She has loved to sing ever since she was a little girl and Christmas time was, in her opinion, one of the most special times to sing.

She said, “I see [Christmas] as a time to show God's love towards others in an even brighter and warmer way… I not only see singing as an outward expression of part of my worship to God, but also as a way to communicate the deeper feelings within my heart, because many times words are not enough to get the true meaning across!”

Leacock explained that her audition was truly a learning experience: “While I love to sing, I am kinda stage shy.”  

After some coaxing for one of her closest friends, Leacock decided to go for it. After her audition, she expressed her relief.

“I am so glad that I did,” she said, “The people were very sweet and encouraging and made me feel comfortable though I was nervous!”

Even though the audition process is over, Baker mentions that there are still ways students can be involved.

Baker said, “If you still want to be involved, you can email the studio at”

He encourages student artists to grow as musicians through the recording process. Leacock also invites others to be involved: “I would encourage anyone who is a little nervous or even a little unsure about doing something they love because you are afraid; don't be! Many times God can use you to be a blessing to others through the very thing you are afraid to share!”

Check out the awesome recordings from previous years on the Youtube channel named “weareausa” and you will definitely be inspired.


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