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Leah Wooten
Year: Sophomore
Major: International Business
Interviewed by Adriana Santana



After spending her freshman year at Andrews, Leah decided take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad. She is spending this year as a student at Colegio Adventista de Sagunto in Valencia, Spain.



What made you want to go to Spain?


My major is international business so I wanted to learn Spanish.  Plus, I knew that if I went to Spain I would also get to see other parts of Europe.



How has the transition been?


No one tells you just how bad jet lag can be.  After sleeping 12 hours straight that first day, it was a fairly easy transition. The people here are so kind and the culture fits my personality.



Is there anything you miss in America?


Of course I miss my family and friends. I miss the food and American Amazon; also Spanish Netflix does not have Law and Order, which is very upsetting.



What do you love most about Spain so far?


I would have to say the culture. In Spain people aren't constantly in a rush; they really value spending time with others, and they’re so welcoming and loving. They have so many beautiful traditions that I’m fortunate enough to experience first hand.



Apart from Spain, have you visited any other countries yet?


I have been to Morocco. I'm going to Germany in a couple weeks and then Italy for winter break.



Spiritually, how has this life change impacted you?


The spiritual transition has definitely been hard. Andrews does such an amazing job of offering its students different worship programs and ways to get to know Christ. Most of the worships here (as well as church) are in Spanish and I'm not completely fluent yet, so sometimes I’ll only get part of what a sermon is trying to convey. This resulted in me having to really seek God on my own, which has been a good experience. It has also opened my eyes to what exchange students at Andrews might face, and I hope we can incorporate all cultures into our worship services in the future.



Is there anything you’d say to anyone thinking about studying abroad?


I would say do it [if you have the chance]. Studying abroad is a big decision, and it can be a very tedious process, but once you get there it's all worth it. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I think if it's possible for anyone to go then they should.


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