Ice Cream and Club Fair. Name a More Iconic Duo, I’ll Wait.

    This past Wednesday afternoon the annual ice cream club fair event was held on the Student Center lawn. This event was put in place by Student Activities and Involvement for a way for students to come and see all the clubs that are on campus. Those who attended the event had the option of choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Andrews University official clubs and organizations set up booths where students could get ice cream toppings and simultaneously sign up for clubs.

Ashley Neu, the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Involvement said, “We currently have over 50 registered clubs that students can become involved in. They range anywhere from departmental clubs to cultural clubs. This is just a neat experience to get out, get involved and meet new people on campus.”

Many clubs went all out on their booth décor. Goats, cultural dances, and airplanes were just a glimpse of what was happening to draw attention to each individual organization. Some people even dressed in dinosaur, cow or pirate costumes.

Rayford Alva (senior, biology) dressed up as a tooth to promote the pre-dentistry club. He said, “I am dressed up as a tooth. This club fair is awesome. Ice cream is delicious and the toppings are very tasty.”

The Andrews University Music Association (AUMA) club had violinists playing song requests given by passers-by.

Dana Wilson (junior, music performance communication) president of AUMA explained what their club was all about: “We are trying to invite musicians and music lovers to come together in our community to do awesome and creative things.”

Some classic clubs like Black Student Christian Forum and Andrews Filipino International Association have been in place for over a few decades. But for some clubs this was their first ice cream social.

Lauren Spears (junior, dietetics) says, “The Vegan Club has only been around for literally a week. We want to educate people on why they should be vegan. We are going to have socials with vegan food where you can meet other vegans. We are also going to have vegan documentary nights and take a trip to the dairy farm.”

The large majority of clubs on campus are put in place for cultural appreciation. Mohammad Talafha (DPT ‘17) started a club for Adventist and Muslim fellowship.

He says, “This club has been around for two years. It was created to build relationships between Adventists and Muslims. We are planning to discuss cultural and spiritual conversations to understand, build bridges and fellowship within our communities.”

Andrews University has a variety of clubs and organizations fit for its diverse student body. There is something for everyone—whether a person is interested in anything from astronomy to drama, the options are endless. And it is not too late to join or get involved! For more information about campus clubs and their events, make sure to check flyers posted on bulletin boards or get in touch with club officers. For a full list of Andrews University approved clubs, head to under the organization tab.  


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