I Came For the Cream: Club Fair Ambush Interviews

I Came For the Cream: Club Fair Ambush Interviews

Katie Falter (junior, animal science pre-veterinary) and Michaela Learned (senior, animal science)

Why do you have a goat?
It was really just for an attention grabber to get people to come check out our table for the Flora and Fauna club.

Does the goat do any tricks?
She poops a lot and head butts and likes to run away and drag you with her.

What’s her name and what else does she do?
Daisy. She eats grass, enjoys long walks on the family farm, and just lives a very chill life.



Nicole Liernur (senior, psychology, Spanish, and criminal justice)

Are there any cool ice cream toppings you’ve seen around here?
I like fruit, so strawberries. I’m a fruit kind of person.

Which table is the most lit?
Wow, well lowkey I like the dinosaur. This is the vegan club. I’m not even vegan though.

You’re just drawn to their lit-ness?
Yes, I am... the cow and the dinosaur.




Lawrence Robinson Jr. (senior, elementary education)

Are you an officer in a club?
Yes! I’m an officer in AFIA and an officer in AUSA this year.

Why should someone join AFIA?
AFIA is a really unique club. I think the really cool thing about AFIA is that even though AFIA stands for Andrews Filipino International Association, I feel like AFIA is really accepting of people of all cultures. I’m not Filipino, I’m of Jamaican descent and I’m an officer in the club. So I think that speaks a lot to how open the club is to other cultures

What ice cream topping is your club offering?
We have this thing called Sticko. It’s kind of like wafer straw things. We also have Pocky as well.

Are you as lit as the Vegan Club?
No, I’m not personally, but AFIA is!




Matthew Rajarathinam (biology, sophomore)

Tell me what you do and what UNICEF is about.
I’m the public relations officer. UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. We’re all about helping children around the world. So for example, you know what’s happening in Syria? A lot of bad stuff, and a lot of times kids get pushed to the side and they’re not cared for. But we here at UNICEF support the corporate organization worldwide helping children around the world. Also things like DACA that could be potentially a big problem for children here in the United States. But we’re out here to spread awareness about what’s happening in the world for children everywhere.




Avery Audet (junior, finance)

Tell me about Enactus.
I joined Enactus because it offers you real world experience that you could not get anywhere else, even the classroom. It gives you a lot of opportunities for internships and more.

What other opportunities are we talking about here?
We’re talking career fairs with top-level executives from Walmart, Microsoft, Home Depot… these aren’t like store managers, these are the big dogs. They came and greeted us and congratulated us at competitions, offered us internships. So yeah, just a lot of professional opportunities.

Do you have to be a part of the club to redeem these opportunities?
Those who sign up to help and are able to help fundraise for competitions as well as anyone who comes can take part in these career fairs—as long as they’re a member and they come to competition.

Do people have to sign up today or can they sign up later?
You can sign up at any time. I signed up spring semester, and now I’m the president.




Katharina Burghardt (junior, music education)

Which clubs have you signed up for?
I signed up for AU UNICEF, AUMA (Andrews University Music Association), and Eastern European club.

Why’d you sign up for those clubs?
The most compelling was AU UNICEF because they make a really big difference and it’s a really good way to learn about the world we live in and how to make it a better place… and Eastern European club has a lot of food.

What are your thoughts on the vegan club?
Why? (she laughs) I haven’t talked to any of them personally, but I heard they want to release the cows from the dairy to let them graze free on Andrews’ campus, turn Andrews into an all vegan school. I think that it’s more of a fad than an actual club, but I haven’t spoken to any members yet, so I hesitate to definitively say that.

Does their booth scare you?
A little bit, yes. The dude in the velociraptor costume we’ve seen already, he’s not that weird. The guy in the cow onesie, a little weird. The dude with the head of a cow, he needs help.



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