Honors Church Celebrates the Reformation

Honors Church Celebrates the Reformation

    Once a year, the J.N. Andrews Honors Program unites Honors Scholars and the greater university community in worship with voices, instruments and spoken word. Honors scholars and faculty flocked to the Howard Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Oct. 21  to continue this annual tradition.

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany. The Honors Program chose to celebrate this momentous occasion, and themed the service around Luther and the Reformation. Near the beginning of the service, there was a reading of an excerpt from The Ninety-Five Theses or Disputation for the Clarifying the Power of Indulgences by fourteen Honors students and faculty.

“I enjoyed the excerpts and readings of the 95 Theses,” said Joshua Dulcich (freshman, explore andrews). “It was presented well, with ‘audience’ members standing to read.”

Throughout the service, scriptural texts were read by Honors Scholars; first in English and then again in a second language, including Romanian, Mandarin, and Russian.

The service also featured various musical selections from a variety of choirs or instrumental groups.

“The Honors Choir was beautiful, especially the 'hidden voices' performance in the beginning,” said Jessina Marenga (sophomore, biology), referring to Honors Choir’s performance where they sang from the balcony, a practice typically held in a cathedral.

“The musical selections were wonderful, especially with the combined talents of the Honors orchestra, choir and praise team,” added Dulcich. “I loved the hymn medley that concluded the program, as it sounded great and gave a nice background for reflecting on the service.”

Professor Davide Sciarraba presented his sermon followed by a hymn and a closing prayer. “The sermon was very well done,” said Kaitlyn Wasli (junior, business administration). “I enjoyed how the various quotes from Luther and verses from the Bible were connected.”

Honors Church has been a staple of the J.N. Honors program since the tradition’s creation, with people traveling back to Andrews to attend.

“I would consider participating in the future, possibly as one of the readers,” said Honors scholar Dulcich. “I enjoyed it.”


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