Fall in Love With Your Editors

Fall in Love With Your Editors

Andrei Wayne Kyrk Defino, Editor-In-Chief
Fall is my favorite season. The days leading up to it just bring a sense of rejuvenation to my ailing mental stability as midterms pass and finals draw closer. It’s incredibly exciting when the weather finally starts feeling like my favorite season—chilly with a hint of death. Fall, for me is an indication of great fashion, temperate weather, the nearing of my favorite holidays and the ultimate reality that death comes for us all—even my GPA.
Kyrk’s Spooky Traditions for Spooktober include:

  1. Watching his inconclusive list of non-spooky spooky movies: Hocus Pocus, The Harry Potter Series, The Addams Family Series, Coraline, The Halloweentown Series, The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is totally a Christmas movie too).

  2. Enjoying all things Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice, which contrary to popular belief, is not basic. IT IS LITERALLY ALL THINGS FALL and spooky (eating a real pumpkin is still a little crazy though).

  3. Bringing out my favorite sweaters because cute, duh.

  4. Taking that well-deserved post-Thanksgiving-meal nap.

  5. Overusing the word “spooky” so much that my friends end up hating me but ultimately laugh at how they begin to insert the word into their daily vocabulary. How… spooky is that?

  6. Remembering my singleness as people around me continue to get cuffed.

  7. Enjoying the warmth of my favorite people. This season has a way of compelling us to remember the things that matter and while things may fall apart on the outside, at least what I hold dear still keeps me together.

Alexi Decker, Copy Editor
Full disclosure: I tolerate Michigan. Like, it’s fine. But coming from the Pacific Northwest, I find that the winters here are awful, the springs give me allergies and the summers are gross and muggy. Give me ocean breezes and mountain ranges any day. Well, any day that doesn’t fall in the September-October-first-half-of-November sweet spot.  Much as I love Seattle (and I do—madly) the rain and the evergreens don’t provide a lot of fall color or excitement. I grew up spending my fall days inside with a book and some tea. Upon moving to Michigan, I found that nowhere does autumn like the Midwest. The trees here are stunning, the produce is incredible and the temperature balances delicately between sweater weather and skirt-and-boot weather. It’s pretty much my entire aesthetic. But despite the new traditions I’ve made here, like pumpkin carving with friends or eagerly awaiting the first arrival of apple cider in the cafeteria, my truest fall tradition is probably soaking  in the beauty of nature from the comfort of my dorm room. It’s the perfect weather to curl up inside with a book and a cup of apple cider (or coffee, no judgement). The recent rain only makes it feel more like home.  

Carlyle Tagalog, Pulse Editor
Actually, my favorite season is autumn. Growing up in equatorial countries, I truly appreciate this beautiful time when no one sweats unnecessarily, the pestering bugs go away and the everyday lighting turns all photos #instaworthy. Since we didn’t grow up in the temperate zones that allow for autumn, my family and I personally don’t have strong fall traditions. Nonetheless, I’ve mustered a few things I’ve learned to embrace this season:
-Besides my appreciation for sunny brisk days, golden panoramas, leather boots and jersey comforters, I can finally take out my French press and steep a rich blend of loose-leaf black or green teas (except the minty kind).
-I truly wonder why pie day isn’t in the fall when all the delicious pies (pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, apple, peach, etc.) are created. One of my fall traditions is to eat pie—the beautiful American dessert boat of sugar, spice and everything nice. I’m mostly a crust person, so the filling must acquire the delicate equilibrium of pumpkin and spice. Otherwise, it’s no good.
-Another tradition I do every fall is to not wear the eye-straining, dizzy-patterned plaid shirts—I annually resist this terrifying trend. I’m fine if people wear it; I just don’t like them on me.
-Sometimes I listen to Christmas music—before Thanksgiving. That counts as a fall tradition, right? Guilty.

Adriana Santana, Humans Editor
I’m okay with Michigan, I don’t hate it, but there is nothing like being home during the fall season. Every Sunday watching football with my dad, seeing all the beautiful foliage on my way home from school and looking at my mom wear the color orange shamelessly (because this is the only time where it is truly accepted). Fall is the time where I start getting the gushy feeling of realizing how blessed I am to be with my family and friends. Whether it be my sister and I watching the Addams family, cooking with my mom the night before Thanksgiving, screaming with my dad whenever the Patriots score a touchdown, or picking out a new beanie at the mall with my friends. Not being home right now is often times bearable, but there are definitely those moments where I walk through the multicolored leaves to class, and think “Dang, if only I was home right now.” But what’s great is for every moment I have missing a fall memory from home, I make a new one here. So, I know when I look back at fall years from now I’m going to think about late night “spooooky” SM meetings, apple picking while avoiding responsibilities and driving to the thrift store to get my 10th dad sweater.

Scott Moncrieff, Faculty Sponsor
Well, let’s see: midterms, raking leaves, cold rain that goes on and on, raking wet leaves, jogging in the dark with a headlamp because sunrise is so late, the end of golf season . . . I’m sure if I keep at it I will think of something nice about fall. Okay, the colors are amazing. In Southern California we have two seasons: Brown (April through October) and Green (November to March)—(Don’t quote me on those dates since I’ve been living in Michigan so long)—which is incredibly bland compared to a Michigan fall. There’s also a pleasure in holding a warm mug of something—we never had that in SoCal. So let it be fall, let the squirrels gather their nuts, let the foxes improve their foxholes for winter, let the ducks that migrate head for Texas or wherever, and we Michiganders—even transplanted ones—will hunker down with our bowls of tomato soup and festify the season.

Lisa Hayden, News Editor
Fall season has always been camping season. I was a very active member of my local Pathfinder club before I attended Andrews University. For our annual Fall Camporees we drove to campsites and learned how to start fires, put up tents and identify poisonous plants. My favorite memory of these camping trips were always the sunsets. The sunsets during the fall season are the best sunsets of the year. Our Pathfinder club would often climb up a dune and watch as the sun sets above Lake Michigan. But now, my favorite moments of fall are the ones spent in a couch with my cat, Nina Simone.

Kaitlyn Rigg, Photo Editor
On these rainy days, it is quite hard to be consistently falling in love with fall. But the rain is no match for the beauty that October holds. Honestly, I have always been a sucker for the season that consists of falling leaves, hot drinks and cozy sweaters, known as fall. Growing up, my family and I would always find a corn maze and usually we would find ourselves standing in the middle, lost. On a perfect fall day you can catch me in my favorite orange cardigan, short tan boots, and a fuzzy sweater to top it all off. I would have a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte in one hand and my camera in the other, ready for any picture perfect moments. A few traditions of mine: finding a perfect orange pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, going through corn mazes and having those perfect fall photo shoots! If you want to know more about my love for fall, you can catch me at any coffee shop editing those photos taken at the pumpkin patch.

Frentzen Pakpahan, Ideas Editor
It’s all hype. Don’t trust it when you see it. Over the past two months, I’ve bought pumpkin air fresheners, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin Cheerios (who knew?), and the obligatory pumpkin spiced latte. Yes, it’s basic, but by this point I have to embrace it. Every time fall rolls around, I look for opportunities to indulge my pumpkin cravings, but I’m always left disappointed. There’s nothing especially tasty about pumpkin spice. Perhaps it’s all the orange in the air, in the trees, on the ground, that hypes me up and makes me think that maybe this time, it’ll be different. Every time the leaves turn color, I fall for it.

Olivia Woodard, Layout Editor
-Hallmark & Spooky Movies
-Apple Cider
-Haunted Houses & Corn Mazes

Zach Owen, Multimedia Manager
Quarter. Zip. Sweaters.

Kelly Lorenz, Arts and Entertainment Editor
First of fall, October is the best month of the year: the trees blush golden, I can walk around broodingly while my favorite sweaters and jackets brace against the cold wind, my family makes applesauce together, it’s LGBT History Month, a weird majority of my music has a tone that perfectly accompanies these long rainy days, and the ginkgo trees adorn the AU Arboretum with their yellow leaves.


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