Delivering a New Vision

Delivering a New Vision

Carl Cunningham
First Year, Masters in Divinity
Interviewed by Adriana Santana


As the new director, how would you describe the Deliverance Mass Choir?
DMC is a very special ministry on the campus of AU. We are a choir, but we are so much more! DMC is a group of young people who love God and love to praise Him. We minister through music, aspiring to high standards of excellence as we offer praise to God. We strive to encourage spiritual growth, social development and also professional development. Our ministry is also missional as we seek to bring what we have beyond Berrien Springs and beyond the campus of AU.

How do you think DMC is viewed among the Andrews community?
As director, I often receive feedback from our audiences, expressing appreciation for what we do. Various people of different ethnicities and cultures on several occasions share that they are encouraged and inspired by the praise we offer to God.

What challenges have you faced so far?
As director, I have sometimes found it very challenging to ensure that the goals and interests of DMC align with those with whom we collaborate. It can sometimes also be difficult to meet the needs of various entities seeking our involvement, but I have a supportive team who helps make this possible.

How do you see the future of the choir?
I think DMC has much untapped potential—there are voices that have so much room to be developed, instrumentalists whose true talents have yet to be unleashed, and as an organization there are projects and opportunities which we would like to explore.  Some of these projects and opportunities are in the works, but they take time to develop.

Are there any special projects you’re thinking of doing with the choir?
I anticipate that I will be able to spend at least 2 years as director, during which I would actually like to see the goal of a record/album being published

What do you want people to think of when they think of DMC?
Uninhibited praise to God, through excellent music and a strong sense of spiritual calling.


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