Upcoming Sunday Music Series

    On Sunday, January 22, at 4 p.m., the Howard Performing Arts Center will host a clarinet-cello-piano trio for the next installment of the Sunday Music Series. The program features Robert Muczynski’s “Fantasy Trio” and Vincent d’Indy’s “Trio in B-flat Major, Op. 29, for Clarinet, Cello and Piano.” Karin Thompson, Associate Professor of Music (Music History and Musicology, Cello) at Andrews University, will be playing cello, while Kraig Scott of Walla Walla University and Joseph Brooks of Central Washington University will be playing piano and clarinet, respectively.

According to Thompson, the group decided to perform these pieces when the three were all teaching in Washington.
    “We rehearsed and performed the pieces at Walla Walla (University) and Central Washington University last spring,” Thompson said.

When Thompson accepted a teaching position at Andrews in 2016, they decided to bring their program with her to Michigan.

Thompson also informed us that the combination of clarinet, cello and piano “allows for particularly beautiful contrasts in timbre and texture.” The “Fantasy Trio”, composed in 1969 by American composer Muczynski, “has become well-known as a carefully crafted energetic piece with driving rhythms and beautiful lyrical moments.”

Thompson added that the “Trio in B-flat Major” by French composer d’Indy, “seems to be less well-known and deserves to be heard more often. It is a late Romantic work … that in many ways reflects the era in which it was written (1887).”

“The thematic unity throughout the work and gorgeous sonorities are elements that I have certainly enjoyed while working on the music, and d’Indy’s skills as a composer have led to new discoveries each time I play the trio or listen to it,” Thompson said.

No tickets are required for this event, and all are encouraged to take a break from studying to come and enjoy the trio’s performance.

Dr. Burnett: Teacher, Psychologist, Officer

Dr. Burnett: Teacher, Psychologist, Officer

Married to Her Art

Married to Her Art