Fitness Class Ranking

Fitness Class Ranking

When selecting a class to take for fitness credit, there are usually two questions that students ask themselves: “Which class requires the least amount of school work?” and “Which class will permit me to sweat the least?” Thus, we present the following list, as compiled from Andrews University students’ first-hand experiences, ranking the fitness classes from the most intensive to the least.


Exercise Physiology: *five sweat drops* According to several Andrews University students, the toughest class to take is Exercise Physiology, which also has a lab section. This is a four credit class and a requirements for students in Andrews’ exercise science program. This is ranked the toughest class, not because the work is extremely hard, but because the class requires a fair amount of studying and preparation, unlike some of the other fitness courses offered on campus. Although it is very educational and would be well worth one’s time, Exercise Physiology is not the class for slackers or the less-committed fitness buff.



 Swimming: *four sweat drops* Although swimming can be quite relaxing it can also be a lot of work on the body.  Swimming can be challenging because it develops the strength of many different muscle groups, it improves one’s endurance and it assists one’s quality of breathing. Thus, even though you’re in the water and don’t feel the sweat on your body, you know you’ll be sore the next day. Michelle Sabangan (sophomore, pre-physical therapy) said, “Swimming is the ultimate shoulders workout.” Even though there is not much schoolwork involved in the class, Swimming can be a powerful workout for your whole body.



   Volleyball: *three sweat drops* Volleyball can be very fun but requires dedication both on and off the court. If taken seriously, the warm-ups can be difficult as well. The skills that are required throughout the semester require practice. This is not a class that you can neglect either because it requires weekly skill-building.  Once you sharpen those skills it will be shown on the court. Another reason why volleyball class is ranked third most challenging is because there are weekly quizzes. Let's be honest, no one likes to have quizzes, especially not in fitness classes. Simply the fact that you have to spend time on the class outside of the scheduled hours makes it less popular. However, Volleyball is still considered a great class and one that many students truly enjoy. Tyler Mason (junior, business administration) said, “I think that volleyball class is a growing experience, in that I saw growth of my fitness and knowledge of the sport.”



    Soccer: *two sweat drops* This is a class that always seems to become full; the numbers alone show the value of this class. Soccer can be an intense sport depending on who you play it with. If that’s the case, you are probably wondering why it is ranked higher than other classes. Well, the students think it is great because there isn’t much work to do and it is extremely fun. Just like volleyball, soccer is a team building sport. Kaleem Ambrose (junior, wellness) said, “The beauty of taking (the) soccer class is that you not only get to acquire soccer skills, but you get to learn about the most appreciated international sport in the world.” A class that isn’t much work, educates you, and keeps you in shape seems like the right choice for many to take.



Weight Training and Conditioning; *one sweat drop* It may be hard to believe, but this class doesn’t require you to sweat all that much. Weight Training and Conditioning is a class that allows you to work at your own pace. There is not much teamwork involved, which can have its pros and cons. But you do not have to worry about the pressures of everyone else, which makes it easier to achieve the goal that you set at each class session.



Special Activities Class: *one sweat drop* The easiest class to take at Andrews University as of January 2017 is none other than Special Activities class. This class allows you to get credit for school activities you are involved in that are based on fitness. For example, someone on the male or female Cardinals Basketball team can register for it once the administrator unlocks the CRN. The person in this scenario would simply have to attend a certain amount of practices and games. There are two assignments, which are the end of semester essay and a schedule with the coach’s signature to prove that you did attend the required events. You are probably thinking how is this number one. Students on the soccer team, basketball team and more are sweating the most. Yes, this true, but they are doing it because they want to and it comes with a bonus of graduation credits. They are literally getting credit for doing something they love and still staying fit. That is the perfect combination.


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