AU’s Got Talent Auditions Defies Odds with Successful Turnout

    Once a year Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) hosts AU’s Got Talent at the Howard Performing Arts Center (HPAC). Auditions this year were held on Jan. 11, 12 and 13. This annual event showcases the various talents of the student body while offering the incentive of cash prizes. This year’s will be held on Jan. 21 at 7:30 p.m.

The theme for this years AU’s Got Talent is “Dress to Impress.” Yasmin Benjelloun (senior, speech pathology), AUSA Social Vice President, said described this theme by emphasizing the beauty of the HPAC and how she envisions attendees of the event looking their best.

Acts for this event can range from singing and acrobatics to poetry and rap. For example, last year Luz Baez (B.S. Biology ‘16) performed a captivating acrobatic act that required her to hang from aerial silks and gracefully perform feats that clearly were preceded by years of practice.  

Despite having yet another successful talent show last year, the evening was soiled by those in attendance who took to Twitter to express their dislike of some of the performances. In light of recent events and the increased use of Twitter critiquing campus events, students have voiced their nervousness and hesitation to participate in this upcoming Talent Show.

Thus, a rumor was spread that only two participants auditioned for AU’s Got Talent. This rumor has since been dispelled, with the maximum number of participants have already been selected. “We have 13 contestants, even though the cut-off was 12,” Benjelloun said.

Benjelloun explained how they evaluate the acts.
    “So we have a grading sheet that we rank from one to five, we rank them on how they perform and if they are able to appropriately perform in front of us.” When asked what makes one qualified, Benjelloun gave the overly simple response, “Basically how you perform.”

Acts of the night will include Cameron Van Buren (senior, communications), Rebecca Puii (sophomore, biochemistry, pre-medicine), Joiliana Lecointe (freshman, biochemistry), and many more.

Van Buren said, “The talent show is a bit of a bigger audience than what's normal for me but I look at it the same regardless of if whether it's one person or one thousand people. Regardless of if I win or not what really matters to me is that I go out there and give the best performance that I can.”


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