Andrews Hosts First BrrBQ

    On Jan. 16, the Office of Student Activities and Involvement held Andrews’ first BrrBQ event in the Pathfinder Building from 7-10 p.m. The event was originally designed to include snow tubing, capture the flag, indoor games and a vegetarian barbeque. However, since there was little to no snow on the ground at the time, the snow tubing portion of BrrBQ did not take place.

A warm fire greeted students as they arrived in the Pathfinder Building. A variety of tables were set up inside the building for students and families to eat and play games on. On one side of the hall, basketball hoops were also set up. Students and families filtered in and out throughout the evening.

Rachel Arner (sophomore, theology) said, “My sister told me about this event; when I arrived I was greeted by the smell of BBQ and the cozy atmosphere the event organizers created.”

The Terrace Cafe’s catered food featured the “Hot off the Grill Buffet,” which included burgers, baked beans, potato salad and an assortment of sweets. The evening also featured a large hot chocolate stand with plenty of marshmallows. Some games included “pin the nose on the snowman” with paper carrots, dominoes and the Game of Life.

Anecia Ascalon (junior, elementary education) said the board games and food were the most enjoyable aspects of the BrrBQ.

“I wish I would’ve gone tubing, but I had a ton of fun just playing the Game of Life the whole time. And the burgers were really great, ” Ascalon said.

Jonathan Constantine (junior, political science, pre-law) said, “The BrrBQ was a great opportunity for our student body to beat the cold, play some old-fashioned games and relax.”

Heaven Shin (junior, biology, pre-med) agreed with Constantine and believed the event was successful in providing students an activity to hang out together and escape from the cold outside.

Shin said, “I love the fact that in this cold, bitter winter, students are able to come together as a community to enjoy good food, games and each other’s company. I really appreciate Emily organizing everything and bringing the campus together in this way.”

    Battling against the cold and snowy weather, and on the outskirts of the campus, the event struggled to attract a large number of students until later in the evening.

“I think more people should have come and enjoyed it. Between the weather and the location, it’s understandable why more people weren’t there. It also could have been more heavily publicized,” Ascalon said.

Event coordinator and Student Activities Director Emily Carlson said, “Our motivation was to embrace the Michigan weather; we wanted to use our natural resources well. I am a little disappointed the weather didn’t turn out with enough snow but I am still pleased with the outcome.”

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