Choose This Day Whom Ye Will Serve: Club Fair Ambush Interviews

Choose This Day Whom Ye Will Serve: Club Fair Ambush Interviews

Jessica Stelfox (junior, psychology)

How do you feel right now?
I feel very terrified that I’m going to break the bank, to be honest. But it’s good because I’ve done this a couple times around, so I know that I can’t just be sign-up happy. I’m definitely being more financially wise when it comes to the clubs I’m looking at signing up for—it’s not all about the T-shirts.
So how do you choose which clubs you will join?
I choose the ones that I’m passionate about—so psychology, definitely. And clubs that I can see myself attending the meetings for, you know? First reaction is just to look at the T-shirts and see which one you want. But also to go past that and say, “Alright, what are the kind of events you have?” Ask those other kinds of questions. See if the other things your money is going towards are things that you’d be interested in going to.
And which clubs did you join?
Psychology Club and that’s it. I truly cannot afford anything else.



Ben Dietel (junior, architecture)

How are you liking the club fair?
I like the ice cream social aspect of it.
What about joining clubs?
I’m not joining any clubs. OK, maybe architecture, but that’s it.
Why not?
Well, it’s mostly just because I’ve joined clubs before and they didn’t do anything…that was interesting.


Shally Torres (senior, psychology)

Is it hard to get people to join clubs?
Actually yes, it honestly is. There’s some people that are really into it. Others are going for the no-club, you know, and not signing up for anything. Which is fine, but it’s hard to convince people to spend money on a club.
So how do you get them to buy in?
You’ve just got to sell it as well as you can. The nice thing about the Psychology Club is that we’ve got classes to help us do that. No, but really, make it genuine, try to connect with the person that you’re speaking to so they’ll feel enticed by the club. The gummy worms are a bonus. I mean, you’re a good example—we couldn’t convince you. Wait, did we convince you?
No, there are too many options. Do you feel for the students, how they’re so overwhelmed?
I really relate to this. I joined the Psychology Club, Speech-Pathology Club and Black Student Christian Forum (BSCF). I try to show support. It kind of hurts when your money is going away, but I totally understand their struggle. A lot of times I’ll go for departments, but I tried to expand myself to a cultural club as well.


Sophia Carey (freshman, international business)

How do you feel?
I’m really excited for this year. I joined five clubs, but two of them were free. I limited myself to three that I pay for.
And which did you choose?
Enactus—which I already knew I was going to do since a year ago, the African Student Association (ASA) and the Astronomy Club, just because I wanted to do something really different. The free ones were Junior Enterprise and the one that’s like Student Association for the Business department, since I’m a business major.
You’ve been planning to join Enactus since last year?
Yeah, I’ve just heard a lot of good things about it, and I know people who’ve been in it. It looks good on a resume too.
What do they do?
It’s like real life projects. You help local businesses. Recently William Down, the president, has been working with all kinds of local businesses, helping them out. They have to create sustainable business plans, so it’s a good experience.
Why’d you join the African club?
I actually lived in Ghana for five years, so I’m hoping I can get Ghanaian food. I need my Jollof rice.
And the Astronomy club?
It’s just something so out there and different, and I wanted to branch out. I’m doing all this business stuff and I wanted to do something new. They have an observatory here on campus! I had no idea about that. And they said once a week they’ll go out, so I think it’ll be a really cool thing.


Hanz Jouissance (third year, Master of Divinity)

Can I get a quote for the paper?
You guys need to sign up for Life. You want to receive life.
What does that mean?
LIFE Ministries, the drama group. Everything is spectacular about Life. You act, you feel free. You’re the person that you want to be. Or not, but you pretend to be.


Autumn Goodman (freshman, photography)

Are you overwhelmed?
A little bit. There’s a lot of people. I’ve never seen this many people at once on campus. And I don’t want to be broke.
So how are you going to pick?
I signed up for two clubs, ASA and BSCF. I like what BSCF does on Friday nights with Impact and I wanted to be a part of that. And ASA is kind of like a heritage thing, so I think it’d be cool to learn about my roots. And the sweatshirts are pretty cool.
Did you feel pressured to join any others?
No, I didn’t. My mom went here and she was president of BSCF. So she was like “You can do it. And maybe you’ll be president of BSCF one day.”

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