AU Experiences iOS 10 Complications

    On September 13, 2016, students, faculty and staff of Andrews University were startled when an email from Public Relations recommended that no one update their Apple devices, specifically iPhones and iPads to iOS 10, Apple’s recently-released software update, because the update would prevent connection to Andrews’ Internet, AUSecure.  This, of course, caused many complaints about situation, as well as the efficiency of Andrews’ Internet in general.

Unfortunately, a few people updated before the notice was sent out.  

“I updated a few hours before I got the notice,” Bethany Morrison (senior, psychology) said. “I was annoyed but they were able to hook me up to the Guest Wi-Fi the next day.”

The manner in which Information Technology Services (ITS) had been dealing with connectivity issues was to have those with recently-upgraded iPhones to come to the ITS help desk located in the Andrews University Bookstore and then to provide them a code so that they could connect them to Andrews’ Guest Wi-Fi.

Since then, Andrews University students have been going to the ITS help desk with all of their Apple products in tow to be able to continue normally with their daily lives.  

“I still updated after the email,” Pierrena Charles (senior, political science) said. “My phone was acting up without it and I had data to spare. It is disappointing that something like this has to happen, especially with the spotty Wi-Fi lately.”

Since the beginning of the semester, students have voiced their complaints about Andrews’ Internet in general, making this issue another on a quickly-growing list.

“The Internet just shuts off randomly and I can’t even open an email at times,” Albany Schwinghammer (sophomore, interior design) said. “It lasts for about five minutes and is highly inconvenient.”  

This new issue has made those with complaints about the performance Andrews’ Internet even more cynical.  

“I was always wary of the internet here at Andrews,” Morrison said. “This just showed me that there really should be some Internet reform. We need it so we can get our work done and get on LearningHub.”  

Coincidentally, around the same time, LearningHub (also known as Moodle), Andrew’s online platform for class information and, quite often, the only means provided for students to complete online homework for Andrews University classes, was having connection issues as well.

When asked about the technical issues, an ITS worker who wished to stay anonymous said that “(The problems) are being worked on as quickly as possible and everyone will know when everything is figured out.”

More recently, on September 19, 2016, another mass email was sent out recommending that those with MacBooks do not update to OS Sierra, the operating system update recently released by Apple in tandem with iOS 10, because it too was also having issues connecting to the Andrews’ Internet.

Students were provided with the same solution to connect their computers as with their iPhones, to have them go to the ITS desk and get connected the Andrews’ Guest Wi-Fi network.  

ITS claims it is working hard to bring normalcy back to the Internet system, given that the Internet is an increasingly important facet of the Andrews University student’s academic life, as well as integral to the organization of a majority of classes across campus.

“I hope after this there are no more Internet problems; my homework load wouldn’t allow it,” Schwinghammer said.


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