Return of the Omelettes!

    Yes, consider the word out: the cafeteria is once again serving omelettes at breakfast after last school year’s hiatus. To those unfamiliar with the concept of an omelette bar, the omelette bar is a magical place in the cafeteria where one can choose the contents of his or her very own breakfast masterpiece from a variety of healthy options and spectate while an expert student cooks the entrée to perfection.

For those of you who love omelettes and were heartbroken when they disappeared last year, you may feel like someone who got dumped for no reason and then your ex shows up a year later to get back together. However, for this article’s sake, let’s turn back time. Think about it—for what reason exactly did you two break up? Well, if you’re still not sure, a conversation with Linda Brinegar, Executive Chef at Bon Appetit, the management company for Andrews University Dining Services, will enlighten you.

According, to Brinegar, “Omelettes were a staple for students,” and she and her staff received complaints when they made the painful decision to discontinue serving eggs in the Terrace Cafe due to the avian flu, which limited the number of eggs available in the market and threatened the quality of eggs. Brinegar explained that the disease made eggs scarce or unsafe to consume.

Bon Appetit’s mission, as displayed on their webpage, conveys that it is dedicated to serving students safe, healthy food options and aims to make Andrews one of the healthiest universities in the nation. Now that the avian flu crisis is over, the cafeteria can once again serve students omelettes made from liquid, cage-free, organic eggs bought from a reputable source.

“We’re really excited to offer these to the kids,” Brinegar said.

Students have expressed their happiness at hearing that omelettes are returning to the Terrace Cafe’s breakfast menu.

“They are eggcelent, if you add the right stuff,” Heather Moore (senior, psychology) said.

Carlyle Tagalog (junior, psychology, pre-dentistry) said, “I’m excited for the fact that omelette may once again tickle my taste receptors!”

But even though the omelette bar is back in business, students are now wondering who is going to run the station. Some may remember the delightful human being who made omelettes years ago and who greeted each student with a “Sir” or “Your Majesty.” Unfortunately, Brinegar reported that he isn’t returning with the omelettes. According to Brinegar, part of the delay in bringing back the omelettes was finding someone who is both able and willing to work the omelette bar.

However, Brinegar also said that there is a new student omelette chef and that he can make eight omelettes simultaneously! Hopefully this skill will shorten the long line that tends to form for omelettes on Sunday mornings.

“I’m so excited!” Kaitlin Litvak (junior, pre-physical therapy) said. “Omelettes are one of my favorite breakfast foods!”  

Whether you’re like Litvak or have never tried an omelette before, make sure to give them a try in the Terrace Cafe this week.

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