Interview with the Coach’s Pick—Athlete of the Week

Interview with the Coach’s Pick—Athlete of the Week

Whitney Wright

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy

Sport/Position: Soccer, #1 Goalkeeper

    The Coach’s Pick—Athlete of the Week is a little bit different than the various Athletes of the Week that have been featured on the Cardinal’s social media outlets (@AUCardinals). While the featured Athlete of the Week on the Cardinal’s pages have been chosen by the Cardinals’s social media administrators, the Coach’s Pick is an athlete selected by his or her respective coach as the most outstanding athlete of the current week. Cliff-Jean Baptiste, head coach for the Cardinal’s women’s soccer team, thought Wright was deserving of this title, stating that she had given her all for her team. Wright was injured in the third game of the season in the second half against Cleary University when Wright had to exit the game with 11 saves. Wright eventually had to go to the hospital and was not allowed to return to game four against Holy Cross College despite her desire to play.



You left the game during Cleary University in the second half and did not return; what happened?

The hospital said I had two bruised ribs and said I should give my body some rest. I wanted to play so badly but I followed the physician’s orders. I hate missing practice so missing a game was worse but I had to put my pride aside so I could be 100 percent for my team.


Why is it so important for you to play soccer – more so what does it mean to be an athlete for you?

Soccer is a beautiful sport and in my opinion the best sport in the world. Being the last defense leaves you with a huge amount of responsibility which requires a large amount of mental strength to adapt to all situations. Every day I look forward to practices so I can become a better version of myself. Being an athlete is all about commitment and sacrifice. It teaches me about teamwork and self-discipline.


How do you prioritizing time and maintain good mental health?

All of my time is centered around practice and my team. Building chemistry with my teammates on and off the field is crucial. We are a family. As for mental health, soccer balances my responsibilities with my schoolwork. When I’m on the field I release all of my stress during the day. It keeps me focused on what’s important and keeps me motivated all week.”


How do you keep yourself motivated during games when you come out with a loss or a mistake?

I don’t think we ever lose. We either win or learn; learn to overcome our weakness or to overcome our next opponent.


What kind of strategies or game plan do you have to be able to play better or to come out with a win?

Keeping a high spirit no matter what the outcome is crucial. Like I said, we never lose we either learn from our mistakes and practice harder. Winning is all mental.


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