World Cup: AU Celebrates Diversity with Friendly Competition

    On Saturday, Nov. 5, the Division of Student Life held its annual World Cup soccer tournament, located at the Kickers Sports Club in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

In order to attract attention for the event, inflatable soccer balls and an inflatable soccer net were set up in the Student Center. Teams were able to sign up for the World Cup Soccer tournament as early as a week leading up to the event.

Jordan Jackson (senior, journalism) said, “There was a great spirit there and it really felt like a World Cup. Andrews should definitely have more events like this. I went because I was super curious to see how the event would actually turn out. I read about it in the emails that came out and decided that night that I was going to attend because I heard my friends were participating. It was nice to see my own friends and some of the professors that I knew in a whole new light.”

The teams were divided by geographical representation, as there was an African team, the European team, the Caribbean team, the South American team and the Islanders team.  

Bethany Morrison (senior, psychology), who played for the Caribbean team, said, “It was a good turnout. There were a good amount of people playing on each team and healthy competition.  Soccer is a passion of mine and I am really glad I had the opportunity to play.”

    At the end of the tournament, the South American team placed third, the African team placed second, and the European team placed first.  

Wandile Mthiyane (Master of Architecture, first year) said, “It was a good time, but Europe won because of penalties.  The outcome of the game isn’t to say that Europe is more skilled than Africa; they got lucky.”  

There were refreshments served at the World Cup soccer tournament and it lasted well into the night. Many in attendance expressed that the event rejuvenated students for the coming week.

    “It is always enjoyable to attend these types of active events in which the students are able to cheer on each other, or even their own professors. On both ends, we get to see another side of each other, a side that goes beyond the classroom. It’s fun to see our athletes really play their hearts out. I am hoping that Andrews puts on more events like these that encourage a little bit of friendly competition,” Alexa Holdipp (senior, communications) said.

    Regardless of whether they won or lost, participants and attendees of this World Cup soccer tournament were able to be a part of an event that not only showcased athletic talent, but brought the Andrews community together in a spirit of friendly competition.


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