Fitness Week Comes to a Close With Andrews University's First-Ever Fitness Party

Fitness Week Comes to a Close With Andrews University's First-Ever Fitness Party

    With the various activities presented by the University Health and Wellness organization for Fitness Week, Andrews University students had plenty of recreational opportunities to re-energize them to stay fit for the remainder of the semester. On Saturday, Oct. 29, Fitness Week was officially brought to a close with a fitness party in Johnson Gym. This is Andrews University’s first ever fitness party, containing two sessions, the first one from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the second one from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The event began with the world premiere of the documentary, “Jacqueline”. This documentary followed the fitness transformation of Andrews University student Jacqueline Barrios (junior, Spanish). Several students showed up to support Barrios, including her friend and classmate, Vanna Giddings (senior, French).

Giddings said, “Although there was a small crowd, everyone was very supportive of Jackie. It was amazing to see what she had gone through during her transformation and to be able to hear from her live,  speaking about her experiences and the hardships she went through. After this viewing, I was inspired to make a couple lifestyle changes myself!”

Barrios was not the only one who shared her fitness testimony that night. Oliver Glanz, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Andrews’ Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, and Oleg Kostyuk (Master of Divinity) gave their personal testimonies on completing an 100-mile run to Chicago.

Students were inspired by Barrios, Glanz, and Kostyuk’s testimonies, including Adriana Delgado (senior, biochemistry).

Delgado found that the most difficult aspect of fitness was “overcoming that voice telling you, ‘you can’t do it’, to find that inner strength that tells you, you can go further and you do,” and said, “Oliver and Oleg are testaments to that strength, of not only the physical capabilities of our human bodies but of the mind as well, to attain and harvest the willpower to keep going and complete the 100-mile run to Chicago.”

After the documentary and the three fitness testimonies, two Zumba exercise sessions began, garnering a crowd of students, faculty and community members. These sessions were completely different, so participants had the option of staying for both sessions. The sessions were led by Zumba instructors Griselda Tolero and Maguie Blasini.

Alyssa Royster (junior, Spanish), Lamson Health Club’s Zumba instructor said, “(I came) to get inspiration for my own Zumba sessions, but I ended up staying to enjoy the fun. It’s nice to see a bunch of people coming together to do a little bit of shaking, sweating and dancing. It was a lot harder to lose energy with such a large crowd. Everyone was so pumped to be there.”

Chinyere Erondu (sophomore, biology, pre-medicine), who went to both sessions, recalls the night being “very electric with high energy.” Erondu said, “There was a large atmosphere of community, fun and determination. Everyone there was ready to have fun, but also excited to be fit together. It was quite magical to not only see people having fun, but people having fun and getting fit together.”

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