Petition for Meier Health Club Deadlift Competition

Petition for Meier Health Club Deadlift Competition

    In fall of 2014 Meier Health Club (MHC) held its first deadlift competition. MHC members interested in bringing back the competition started a petition, asking health club management to host a deadlift competition again. Those who wrote and have signed the petition have started a conversation about factors to consider if the competition should be held this year or in the future.

Most powerlifters concur that last school year felt unusual because MHC only hosted one of its two weightlifting competitions; while the annual bench press competition was held in spring 2016, the deadlift competition did not take place during the previous fall semester.

Donnie Keele, Assistant Dean of Men and one of MHC’s managers, stated that although he understands why so many people want the deadlift competition to happen, students must understand that their desires must contend with monetary constraints and the MHC’s limited space for onlookers. Keele noted that the deadlift competition was held in the MHC gym, whereas the bench press competition was in Meier Hall lobby, making it hard to accommodate a large audience.

One could be wondering, “Why not have it in the lobby like the bench press competition?” Keele reminded petitioners that at the end of the deadlift’s action, the bar is dropped. Dropping 500 or more pounds on the ground consistently for more than an hour can damage the floor. Keele added that permitting the competition to take place in the lobby would not be a very wise decision, knowing that the electrical room is right underneath the lobby.  

Other than the fact that there is not enough space, the MHC has only one mat on which each person can deadlift. This means that each weight class cannot lift at the same time, making the wait and competition longer than it should be. Also, the process of deadlift takes longer to unload and reload the weights. The whole process is not time-friendly. To date, 27 MHC members have signed the petition. If the competition were to happen, this number is not even close to the amount of people that could potentially compete.
    Lane Babb (junior, business management), a competitor in the 2014 deadlift competition said, “If MHC had another deadlift competition, they shouldn’t let so many people join. I'm guessing potential competitors would have to qualify in order to compete.”

Keele alluded to concerns that MHC would also need to buy a new mat to host the deadlift competition, as well as the price of the competition. Keele said, “During the 2014 competition I paid my workers from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.” In addition to the cost of MHC workers, the cost of a new mat would cost approximately $2,000.

David White (junior, pre-physical therapy), a MHC member and observer of the 2014 Deadlift competition, said, “The last completion that was held had support from many students. It was a truly memorable experience for both the athletes and students.”

MHC members interested in signing the petition can find it posted in the MHC gym. Those interested in participating in the deadlift competition are invited to add their signatures to the petition.

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