Students Fall For Fall Festival

Students Fall For Fall Festival

    On October 22, 2016, undergraduate and graduate students from Andrews University flocked to Barbott Farms & Greenhouse in Stevensville, Mich., for the annual Fall Festival. Those in attendance enjoyed a variety of activities, including pie-eating contests, pumpkin painting, basketball shoot-outs and a corn maze in the shape of Iron Man. The festival was hosted jointly by Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA), who pooled their resources and ideas to put on this event. Many attendees commented on the festiveness of the activities and overall mood of the festival.

“There’s definitely a lot of people here tonight,” said Joshua Pazvakawambwa (senior, electrical and computer engineering). “Everyone is socializing and having a good time.”

When asked to give light to the overall success of the event, AUSA President Ashley Neu (senior, public relations) said, “The Fall Festival is, in general, my favorite event that AUSA puts on.” Neu continued, “And it’s really exciting this year because we collaborated with GSA. I just love the whole feel of everyone together. There’s a lot of different activities that everybody can do.”

The event also seemed to leave a positive impression on those visiting or new to the Andrews community.

Fernando Rosendo (senior, nursing), visiting from Southern Adventist University, stated, “I am falling for Fall Fest! I was visiting some of my friends who attend Andrews and they invited me to Fall Fest. I’m so glad that I actually decided to go, it was a ton of fun. It was great to experience Andrews in this light. It was an opportunity for me to get a glimpse as to what the Andrews experience actually is like.”

There were several games and activities provided for the students’ entertainment, such as riding a mechanical bull, karaoke and the corn maze. One of the most popular games at the festival was the mechanical bull.

“The mechanical bull was really hilarious,” said Autumn Meis (sophomore, elementary education). “I had fun watching all my friends fly off, and even more fun trying to hang on for dear life.”

The Andrews community enjoyed a variety of foods, including pizza, donuts, pies, apples, cider and hot chocolate.
    AUSA Senator-at-Large Gideon Moyo (junior, electrical engineering) said, “It’s like a cornucopia. So much pizza, so many donuts, whatever you want.”

Having plenty of food was imperative, considering how many students attended the event.

“I think it was a great turnout,” said AUSA Social Vice President Yasmin Benjelloun (senior, speech pathology). “I think last year it was 300 or 400. This year, I mean, it’s not raining, but also I think we’ve had over 700 people here.”

While several factors might have potentially influenced the turnout of the event, the Fall Festival proved a win regardless. For example, though the weather dipped into the 40s late in the evening, there was no rain to spoil the festivities.

“The weather was great,” Neu said. “Last year it rained, so it was really nice that there was no rain.”

To help ensure that the event went smoothly, AUSA Officers assisted with certain activities.

Letitia Bullard (sophomore, graphic design, music) said, “I helped with the shifts, like face painting and pumpkin painting.”

Throughout the academic year, Andrews University students can look forward to seeing how else both the undergraduate and graduate student associations will collaborate to create a festive, fun climate, giving students the opportunity to bond and create memories together.

Lisette Diaz (junior, biology) said, “This was my first Andrews Fall Fest ever and it was a great experience. I made so many memories like painting pumpkins, getting lost in corn maze, singing and eating. I will truly remember this for years to come”.

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