Randy Sanchez: President, Doctor, YouTuber?

At the Andrews University Awards Celebration on Tuesday, April 25, Randy Sanchez received the Weniger Fellows Student Scholarship, an award given to three students attending accredited North American Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities who demonstrate excellence in spirituality, academics, civic service and leadership.

Think Like Malala

Malala Yousafzai is a young woman known around the world for her activism. She has stood up for girls’ rights around the world and has made her voice heard in a time where many people write off youth as out of touch. Malala started with a blog and a passion for education, which angered the Taliban, leading to a near-fatal shot in the head in 2012. She survived the attack, became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and now stands for bravery in the face of oppression.

Senate Success

“All in favor of adjourning? Any opposed? Any abstaining? Motion has carried.” With these words, and the fall of AUSA Executive Vice President Jessica Yoong’s (senior, business) gavel, the end of the last official meeting of AUSA Senate was signified.

Intramurals Championship

    Monday, April 24 marked both the beginning of the Final Exam season and the end of intramurals season. After a long and grueling season of spirited athleticism, six of Andrews University’s finest intramural basketball teams gathered in Johnson Gymnasium for a face-off to determine who was worthy of the title “champion.”

Farewell from the AUSA President

If there’s any advice I can pass along, it’s to take each moment of your college experience and enjoy every part of it. When people say these four years go by quickly, they’re not kidding. Cherish the moments and people you’re creating them with.

Senior Exhibition: Ralph Diya and Harper Hazen

On the evening of April 11, students eagerly ushered their way into the art gallery on the top floor of Harrigan Hall for this much anticipated display of personal angst and emotional authenticity.  Determining to highlight the things that many don’t notice on the surface, two artists, Ralph Diya (senior, graphic design) and Harper Hazen (BFA ‘16, Visual Arts), showcased their senior theses focusing on the things and emotions unseen by many.  

Whisk Review: Union Coffee House & Café

The “historic downtown” of Buchanan, Michigan—a winding, scenic drive down Red Bud Trail from Andrews University—features assorted antique shops and other curiosities, all contributing to the village’s small town Americana vibe. While Andrews students unaware of the town’s existence can be forgiven, coffee and/or brunch enthusiasts may want to make the journey to the Union Coffee House & Café before the semester’s end.  

“Take Me to O. King”

I recently had the chance to interview the Director of Deliverance Mass Choir (DMC), Olivia King. For several years, King has served as section leader in the choir and over the last year has been directing alongside with Carl Cunningham (Master of Divinity, first year).