Welcome to Fall!

We now find ourselves halfway through the semester. Summer has concluded, as indicated by both the changing weather and the official calendars, and fall has arrived.


Pinktober is more than just a hashtag. The slogan is a symbol for people across the nation planning and participating in various initiatives to bring awareness to Breast Cancer in the month of October.

Light of the World

The Watchmen acapella group is a male contemporary Christian acapella group comprised of Andrews University students. Their mission statement reads “The Lord is doing something new and urgent in this critical time that we live in. As we near the edge of earth’s history, The Watchmen have heard an urgent word from the Lord’s mouth and is devoted to warn the dying world with a message of hope.”

Placement for a Fairer Future

Andrews University’s Schools of Business and Community & International Development hosted their Annual Career Fair in the Howard Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, Oct. 3 to give their students an opportunity to better position themselves in their prospective work fields.

Is Mental Illness Real?

I think the worst part is that, on top of being constantly fatigued, discouraged, terrified and fragile, I constantly have to convince people that I'm sick and that they should take my illness seriously.