Jes Extender male sex toy

Jes Extender

Jes Extender is an instrument which assists one permanently enlarges his penis. The Jes Extender performs similar as many traction devices and assists in increasing the size of the, in girth, length and penis. This System is clinically approved by most medical experts and doctors for its efficiency in achieving penis enlargement in concert with uphold of security results in view.

Any man who desires a larger penis should in any case consider a penis extension device. This is a straightforward method of slowly and gently enlarging the penis over time.

The Jes Extender even provides factual independent clinical testing to confirm all their claims. This device has been on the market for fourteen years and in that time it has helped more than two hundred and fifty thousand men to achieve a permanent and successful gains in both their penis girth and penis length in addition to helping most men overcome penis curvature and erectile dysfunction.

The manufacturer assures an immense body match as the Jes Extender is comfortable throughout the day. The traction device applies an almost invisible pressure to the penis, and the moment you get used to the idea that Jes Extender is there, you will stop being aware about it and simply let it work.

Jes Extender has exclusive comfort technology which provides you with routine tight traction, with no any silicon slippage. You can wear this device contentedly for many hours; actually, most men forget that they are wearing the device since it has offers superior comfort. Some people wear it during the day, others put it on at night and sleep with it; the choice is completely yours because the device doesn’t have a strict usage limitation.

This device acts straightforwardly at the micro-level by enlarging the cells and causing them to divide and multiply. The new grown cells add inch after inch to the erectile tissue enlarging the bulk of your penis. It is doesn’t need a combined use with herbal supplements.

Advantages of using the Jes Extender:

  1. Thirty percent enlargement in penis length, fullness and girth.
  2. Improved sexual stamina. 
  3. Rock solid erections which penetrate deeper.
  4. Ejaculation control for longer lasting sex.
  5. Straightened penile curvatures for maximized length.
  6. Improved sex and more orgasms which bring women back for more.

Furthermore, the “lock-and-load” mechanism and the custom rods customize the Jes Extender to your penis, from the start to longer end. You will not require re-adjusting the Jes Extender, as its exclusive pressure technology accurately adjusts to the growth and changes in your penis. Within the first 8 weeks, many men see seventeen percent increase in the girth and length of their penis, and in twenty four weeks, you will experience a thirty percent increase in overall size and fullness.

Now one of the many impressive parts about this device has to be their double your money back guarantee. If you find after using the Jes Extender device for six months that it hasn’t worked; they will double your money and give you a full refund.

The Jex Extender Male sex toy can be bought in a store that sells adult toys in san jose.

So if you are looking for a simple and natural way to enlarge your penis in the privacy of your own home then you have found it – order your Jes Extender today. Within days you will be ready to begin enlarging your penis to sizes you have being dreaming?

ProExtender review

Proextender, based on the remarkable contraption method is a full fledged medical device used for enlargement of Penis. Claiming to increase length and girth in a natural way, Proextender is the most successful product in the market currently.The package comes with a Proextender traction device,penis enlargement pills namely vigRX & semenax and an enlargement exercise program(CD).


Consistent stretching of the tissues helps in expansion of cell division; due to stretching on a regular basis, cells collapse & multiply while trying to heal, which results in growth.This method of growth is known as Traction and is achieved by the Traction Device provided in the package.Growth of tissue and cell multiplication helps in increasing the length and girth of the penis.The Traction device consists of two rings which are attached to the base & head of penis and two calibrated metal rods are present at the sides. The device can be bought at an adult toys in minneapolis is looped around the penis.
The pills included enhance the sexual function along with semen production.The CD included in the package features different typs of helpful exercises to keep it healthy and large.

Pros Of Proextender:
1.Other than increasing size and overall health of penis, it improves ejaculation and repairs crooked penis.
2.The results are permanent unlike other products in the market, hence the results are retained afterwards.
3.As the working procedure is 100% natural, there are no side effects.
4.The traction process is completely painless.

The product doesn’t have any significant cons, other than that it has to be brought online only.The products can be purchased from its official website and can be discreetly shipped. For best results, Proextender should be worn for 4-5hours in the morning stage and then gradually increasing upto 12 hours a day!With little patience and persistence, Proextender works as advertised when manufacture’s directions are strictly followed.Proextender certainly enhances the amount of sexual pleasure with the desired penis size.

ProSolution Plus review

Prosolution is really an extraordinary penile enlargement formula which helps men to enhance the overall length as well as width of their pennis in a very short time period.
Furthermore is the fact that the product allows men to obtain superb sexual intercourse which is likely to cause strong orgasms.
Men enlargement formula comprises of pills as well as a gel which assists men to obtain reliable as well as strong erections constantly.
For all individuals who believe that penile enlargement isn’t possible they’re encouraged to employ Prosolution to be able to observe the wide variety of pros the male enlargement product provides.
A Prosolution pills together with gel certainly function as men were using them for quite a while now.
Plenty of time has gained the product numerous devoted consumers from various areas of the world.
A primary purpose of the male enhancement formula is to try to help men with the enhancement of their pennis.
Right after enlargement of their penis males are probable to obtain a higher level of confidence together with self-esteem which is going to assist them in pleasing their sexual partners constantly.
An all natural ingredients used inside the product assure top quality results in a short time span.
Based on advanced research doctors together with medical professionals have exposed that Prosolution doesn’t have any side-effects.
An experience of numerous customers has been absorbed in to account normally the ones who have been utilizing the penile enlargement pills together with gel for few years or possibly more.
An undeniable fact that Prosolution doesn’t have any side effects is due to the fact that all the ingredients are natural and in addition authorized by the Food and drug administration before it had been designed for virtually all men.
In order to have high stamina as well as satisfaction through sexual activity men are encouraged to purchase Prosolution.
It’s vital to include a large amount of research before choosing Prosolution in order to observe how it advantages men.
Countless user feedbacks as well as recommendations from the consumers of Prosolution have shown that this product assists them to have permanent erection strength and has offered them with a powerful way to reduce pre-mature climax.
A male enhancement pills have allowed numerous men to improve their sex lives permanently.
An obvious increase in the size together with width of the pennis permits men to create an improved self-image that also brings about lots of self esteem which is needed to be able to satisfy ladies.
A Prosolution pills are somewhat cost-effective and also men could get a long lasting supply for once and for all.
For that reason males are encouraged to check on them to be able to possess a very clear perception of penile enlargement formula.

Quick extender pro review

Quick extender pro review is a website that provides for the penis extender reviews. The page reviews male

products. It gives a comparison of the use of the penis extender to other apparatus such as pumps. Quick

extender pro review indicates the prices incurred when buying the penis extender, the period of usage which

is three to six months, the refund policy that is six months and the rank which the penis traction has been



If one is dissatisfied by the length, shape and width of his penis, he need not worry as there are several

options available. Several men can choose to live with it or use pills such as Viagra and kamagra jelly to boost

their hormonal strengths. However this has transformed over time due to clinically introduced gadgets that

have designed to increase the size one’s penis.


The quick extender pro is a device that extends the size of the male penis. Several products have been on

the market such as pumps that have disappointed many people and lead to discomfort of their short-term

outcome. The penis traction has helped many accomplish their aim by fulfilling and attaining the desired end

result. This product is pain free and enhances growth of the cells of a person’s penis.


The device works by inserting gentle tension on the penis that stretches an individual’s penis leading to a

multiplication of cells causing the penis tissue mass to increase. The effect sought after is permanent. The

quick extender pro has been contrasted to work the same way as the human body when there is tension and

stress. It works naturally without affecting a user’s hormones thus the quick extender pro has been said to be

an intrinsic intuition.


The quick extender pro is the most trusted penis extender due to the many benefits it offers men. Quick

extender pro review provides that using the device is simple. One should adjust the traction rods and slide the

penis into the extender appliance and then apply the two silicone attachments to hold the penis in a calm

manner with no discomfort.


Consequences of using the quick extender pro are enormous. The Quick extender pro has been

manufactured in the United States of America. It is long-lasting and lightweight. The quick extender pro

review offers lots of photos that show the results before and after using device.


Quick extender pro review reveals that the device is comfortable due to the double strap support system

that has two silicon straps that prevent it from falling off the penis. There are no side effects when using

quick extender pro thus men do not find it painful when ejaculating. Women through their husbands have

been able to attest to the fact that the quick extender pro is very efficient to enlarge the penis and lots of

gains that come with the device.


There are several positive reviews of the penis traction from its users. Remarks made on the website indicate lots of advantages when using the penis extender. It is shown

that the device is effective and enhances the growth of the penis. For the results to be achieved, one should

learn to be patient since an excellent effect will be discovered after few months and not instantly. The

appliance also works as advertised; all a person needs to do is follow the instructions that are in the booklet.

The quick extender pro enhances libido levels, promotes quick results, is pain free, increases erection potency

and builds high self esteem among other things.


I recommend people to buy the quick extender pro device due to its massive profits. The product is

hygienically packed hence safe to use. There is discretion when ordering the packaging; this therefore means

privacy for the users since people will not be able to tell what it is. Due to its comfortable nature, i encourage

men to use it and see the benefits themselves. There is always something for everyone!

SizeGenetics review

Sizegenetics is considered as the most advanced penis enlargement system and technically advanced device that is available in the market. It is a high power traction device that is very effective which can increase the size of the penis with one or two months of use of this device. For better results, it is always recommended to undertake a well rounded exercise routine along with the device.

The most important factor that is considered for using this penis enlargement device is its effectiveness and safety as Sizegenetics has undergone many medical testing and clinical trails which proves it to be the best penis enlargement device. Bigger gains can be achieved for the use of this device if men wear this traction device for longer duration which will increase the girth and length of the penis. It is scientifically proven device that enhances the size of the penis along with improving the overall penile health. It also provides stronger sexual appetite and erections even in the senior years.

Sizegenetics also comes with a proper usage instruction that helps in growing thicker and bigger penis so that men can derive the most from the system. It also includes a detailed user guide DVD which provides useful tips and ways of using this product. The reason why this device is considered as the best system of penis enlargement is because it uses simple system for meeting the goals of men. It is a high quality traction device that comes with advanced penis enlargement exercise that provides bigger and faster gains. Along with increasing the size of the penis sizegenetics also provides many other health benefits. It helps the men to straight their natural curves that are found on penis and thus it provides reliability and effectiveness for the use of the product as the size will increase for a few inches.

Strengths and weaknesses of men with big penises

There is perhaps no topic of debate hotter in the sexual wellness category than the correlation between penis size and performance. For decades, most people have held the opinion that larger the size of the penis, better is the sexual satisfaction of women. Despite numerous studies publishing mixed reports where some women say size doesn’t matter and the rest say it does, men in general still haven’t quite got over the idea that having a larger size penis is an absolute necessity for peak sexual performance.

Can there be a penis that’s too big?

While movies, magazines, and commercials for condoms almost always tend to portray that bigger is better, the reality, in fact, speaks differently. Sure, being well hung may give men a certain level of confidence that maybe lacking in those who are not, but on the flip side, women might not take a liking to a larger size quite immediately. So, it can be said that having a large member isn’t always good but on the contrary, it is a mixed bag having both advantages and disadvantages. What are they? Let’s find out.

Strengths of having a large penis

More attractive: First and foremost, many women have admitted that a larger penis is more visually pleasing than a small one. Even men would agree that larger size correlates to more attractiveness as it gives women the impression that they are more manly. But, there’s a catch, the study has also shown that women prefer their men to have a size that is proportionate to their body, meaning a large penis on a person of a smaller built would look unattractive; same applies for larger men having small penises.

Increased confidence: It is a well-established fact that having a larger penis correlates to more confidence among most men. But that’s not to say that people who are average or below average cannot be confident as well. It just means a well-endowed person is more likely to be enthusiastic about seeking relationships and be good at providing sexual pleasure, not because of their size, but because of the confidence they have gained for being well endowed. No wonder the term “hung like a horse” has got such positive attention.

More pleasurable: A longer penis could mean more pleasure for the Lady because it can reach depths smaller sized penises cannot. Mildly stimulating the cervix is an excellent way to give women orgasms and pleasure them thoroughly. The thicker penis also adds to pleasure as the insides of the vagina gets properly filled up. Women who only get orgasms from vaginal stimulation especially enjoy feeling up a large size as clitoral stimulation doesn’t do them much good.

Weaknesses of having a large penis

Wrong attitude about sexual satisfaction: it isn’t hard to find a woman who would complain about a sexual encounter that ended badly. Women often say that men having larger penises carry around a bad attitude towards sex and are less receptive to opinions of their partner when it comes to discussing sexual gratification. This wrong attitude stems from the ingrained idea of bigger always been better. Since these men believe having a large member automatically makes them good in bed, they care less about communicating and actually learning what makes their partner happy.

Female pain: There is no lack of women who are straight up scared of larger sized penises. Why? Because it hurts too much if the vaginal walls are not adequately lubricated. A larger male may miss out on amazing things such as oral or anal sex because the woman may be intimidated by the size. Also, penises that are extra-long may plan to deep inside of the vagina resulting in damage to the cervix and overall and pleasurable sex. Bigger is not always better; hear it from women yourself and you’ll soon be convinced.

Difficulty in maintaining an erection: Some guys having larger members have trouble maintaining an erection because of lack of circulation to keep the penis fully engorged. This is why you may often see porn stars who are extra large have flaccid penises instead of fully erect. Even though this condition is treatable in most cases, people would still not trade their idea of having a fully erect average penis to the flaccid larger one.


Testosterone Overload Symptoms

Testosterone is often marketed and thought of as a good thing, giving you enhanced energy levels, sex drive and those all-important muscles. While it is well-known that low testosterone levels can lead to complications, too much testosterone can also result in devastating symptoms and conditions.

Some people are born with unnaturally high levels of testosterone, others develop this over time. Perhaps you’ve been taking a certain testosterone enhancing supplement or are undertaking Testosterone Replacement Therapy and that has resulted in some strange symptoms. Either way, the side effects and symptoms of testosterone overload are an important signal to seek medical advice and help.

Common Symptoms of Testosterone Overload:

· More Prone to Injuries.

· Higher Inclination to Engage in Risky Behaviours (eg. Criminal Behaviour + Substance Abuse).

· Very High Sex Drive.

· Shortened Temper and Increased Aggression Levels (eg. Road-Rage).

· Reducing Social Interactions (eg. Preferring to Stay Home and Keep to Yourself).

Major Symptoms of Testosterone Overdose:

· Blurred Vision.

· Headaches.

· Slurred Speech.

· Sudden Weakness in the Arm or Leg on One Side of the Body.

· Seizures.

· Sudden Inability to Speak.

· Temporary Blindness.

In the case of the major symptoms listed above, it is advised to seek medical attention immediately. Below, we will discuss some of the more common signs of very high testosterone levels:

Mood Swings, Water Retention and Breast Sensitivity

One of the less well-known side effects of too much testosterone is, in fact, too much estrogen. Because there is too much testosterone in the body, more than can be used, it is often converted into estrogen. While a natural level of estrogen is imperative for a good balance of hormones in the male body, too much of this hormone can cause nasty side-effects such as breast sensitivity, gynecomastia, high blood pressure and water retention. Mood swings are also a common symptom of this problem. In this instance, estrogen inhibitors and blockers are a potential remedy.

Hair Loss and Balding

Male pattern balding and hair loss is another symptom that many associate with testosterone overdose. This is a controversial issue and while there is a direct correlation between DHT levels and hair loss, it is still unclear as to whether hair loss is a direct result of increased levels of testosterone.

Shrinking Testicles

When testosterone levels are very high, the body instructs the testicles to halt the production thereof. It does this by shutting off production of the luteinizing hormone which is responsible for instructing the testicles to produce the testosterone hormone. As a result, the testicles will usually shrink in size until the factory starts up again.

Acne and Oily Skin

Oily skin and acne are a common symptom of testosterone overdose. Usually, these will be mild side-effects of increased testosterone levels but they can become severe when the increased T-level is accompanied by elevated levels of DHT. Fortunately, there are various remedies for these symptoms and side effects.


If you are experiencing some of the above-mentioned symptoms or suspect that your hormone levels may be abnormal, call your doctor and book a testosterone test. There is a wide range of different treatments available.

VigRX oil review

Vigrx oil is an advanced formula male enhancer made of all natural herbal ingredients designed to settle in the layers of the penile tissues to deliver maximum result to its users. It’s approved by the Healthcare Professionals. The vigrx oil stimulates sensation and sexual desire enhancing the overall sexual satisfaction.

It works instantly to provide a harder erection making you stronger and bigger bed. The product has been highly rated due to its advantages making it the most used male enhancer product. Some of its users have argued that it has given them confidence and stamina in bed since their erection gets firmer and lasts longer.

It does not require some prescriptions from the doctor or either some exercises as compared to other methods. Vigrx oil is easy to apply. It is 100% safe since all the ingredients are natural and there are no reported side effects on its use. The ingredients give instant results that enhance sexual arousal that boosts more blood to the penis chambers creating stronger erections. Condoms are 100% compatible since it is a water-based formula product.

Some of the users’ reviews have stated that the product has helped them with premature ejaculation problem and have improved their sexual health. Vigrx oil has its own active official website and it’s from a well-respected company.

It has helped with powerful orgasms as reported by some users. Other reviews have stated that after use with other several exercises, there are noticeable increase in the girth and also the length of their penis. It’s reported that the product does not leave greasy residues on penis [vigrx oil absorbs instantly in the penis tissues] thus becoming easy to wash.

Its fair pricing has made it the best solution for male enhancement. There are no reported disadvantages of the product apart from shipping which can be easily solved. No side effects have been reported making it an outstanding brand worth to purchase and use.

VigRX Plus review

To have sex for a man means having the best performance that leaves a lasting impression on the partner. A large penis size is important for every man who wants to give his partner the satisfaction that she needs. A small sized penis is a complete turn off to most women as well as men themselves. Most penis enlargement procedures are stressful as well as painful and the results take a long time to show. This is the main reason why most men use VigRX Plus pills for penis enlargement.

VigRX Plus pills enlarges the male penis more easily and hence makes a man able to perform better sexually without much struggle. The pills help the penis to have a larger erection by stimulating the nerves in the penile area thereby improving blood flow in to the penis. The pills also help the corpora cavernosa to handle more blood for one to achieve a better erection. Corpora cavernosa has spongy cells that have the ability to expand when filled with blood thereby making a man develop a stronger erection over a period of time. This makes more skin cells to be produced hence the penis size increases both in length and in width. This makes the enlarged penis proportional.
Use of weigths on the penis for its enlargement and other physical effort may harm your penis and so you should not engage in such practices. Applying pressure on the penis with your hands may also interfere with its sensitivity as you try to make it large using physical efforts. Pills will help you improve your erection as well as deal with other underlying factors like erectile dysfunction which means that as your penis increases in size, your sexual performance will improve as well.
VigRX Plus pills work naturally and they contain safe ingredients for use by men. For a man to perform well sexually, size does matter.

Vimax review

There are a considerable measure of male upgrade pills accessible all around the net, however the one rendered more compelling and celebrated all around the male populace is the Vimax Pills. Vimax Pills have been in the business sector, coursing around for male utilization for a decade now. In spite of the fact that it is offered in a value a tiny bit higher as contrasted with other improvement pills, customers still settle on the said item. Reports indicate that inside and out ninety six percent from the men who got the said pill validates so it is compelling and is currently a handy apparatus for them.

Vimax Pills give numerous profits to its clients. In the first place, they assurance its adequacy, and help you have a bigger, thicker erect penis inside 3 to 4 months of utilization. Not just has the impression of a greater organ, yet it likewise determines that you encounter better impacts of it, for example, having harder arousals, and stronger and influential climaxes. It likewise prepares high testosterone hormones, giving you a chance to feel more energy, and feel the sexual strain all the more. What more, it likewise helps you avoid untimely discharge to assist strengthen your action with your accomplice.

Vimax Pills could help you handle more sperms and enhance your semen volume. This is a great impact, particularly to men who are having discharge issues and produces miniscule and trickle liquids just.

Vimax Pills is likewise a supplement that is produced from absolutely regular substances. The biochemical mixes found in the pill hailed from diverse herbs that are demonstrated by science to prepare positive effects with regards to male and female improvement. They are additionally great aphrodisiacs, permitting you to have a sublime time with your accomplice each and every minute.

It’s impact to guys is demonstrated by science and testimonials. Truth be told, out skin color men who got the pill, ninety six percent authenticates who’s is successful and they are really fulfilled utilizing its comes about. It is this is the reason that Vimax is really sure enough to offer a cash back assurance if you feel that it isn’t successful for you and is not fulfilled by its comes about, as long exactly as it is inside not one yet two months’ opportunity.

At this point in time, it is conceivable to say that ladies aren’t the main ones who are cognizant with what they look a man, it is their commitment to verify that their accomplices will be fulfilled by them, and by presenting changes, they will have the ability to provide food for such needs.